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Thunderbirds Are Go, Vol. 1 - (Original Television Soundtrack)

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Thunderbirds Are Go,  Vol. 1 - (Original Television Soundtrack)
Thunderbirds Are Go,  Vol. 1 - (Original Television Soundtrack)


Fifty years after it's television debut, Thunderbirds launched once again this year as ITV brought back the cult programme using a combination of CGI animation and live-action model sets. Despite its new high-tech look, the production retained all the qualities that made the original series a worldwide success. Strong characters, great adventure stories and - this time - no strings attached have seen the series spread worldwide like the original and cross the generation gap. With the stories focused around the Tracy brothers it's fitting that another team of brothers, Ben and Nick Foster have taken on the job of providing new music for this seminal series. Facing the daunting task of following in the footsteps of the original and prolific Thunderbirds composer Barry Gray the duo have followed the same route employing a full symphony orchestra, adding modern touches to bring the sound completely up to date but retaining reverence for the original. Ben is a three times BAFTA nominated composer whose scores include Torchwood and Hidden Kingdoms and an orchestral arranger and conductor for 99 episodes of Doctor Who. Brother Nick is a BAFTA winning composer whose work includes The Cube and Derren Brown Specials.


  1. Name
  2. Ring Of Fire Part One - 10,000 Feet And Climbing
  3. Ring Of Fire Part One - Thunderbirds March
  4. Ring Of Fire Part One - The Launch
  5. Ring Of Fire Part One - Dr Meddings In A Fix
  6. Ring Of Fire Part One - Seaquake
  7. Ring Of Fire Part One - An International Rescue
  8. Ring Of Fire Part One - The Hood - He's Back!
  9. Ring Of Fire Part Two - Previously On Thunderbirds Are Go
  10. Ring Of Fire Part Two - Halo Jump
  11. Ring Of Fire Part Two - Sunrise
  12. Ring Of Fire Part Two - Alan To The Rescue
  13. Ring Of Fire Part Two - The Hood Vs Kayo
  14. Ring Of Fire Part Two - Tracy Island
  15. Ring Of Fire Part Two - Thunderbirds Triumphant
  16. Space Race - Space Junk
  17. Space Race - London Branch Investigates
  18. Space Race - Parker On The Prowl
  19. Space Race - The Grey Ninja
  20. Crosscut - Trouble Underground
  21. Crosscut - The Van Arkel Mine
  22. Crosscut - No Thanks, Metal Man!
  23. Crosscut - The Mole Digs In
  24. Fireflash - Trouble In The Hood
  25. Fireflash - Major Landing Gear Fail
  26. Fireflash - Fireflash Landing
  27. Fireflash - If I Don't Make It
  28. Fireflash - Mission Accomplished
  29. Unplugged - The Luddites
  30. Unplugged - Save One Life - Then Save The World
  31. Runaway - The Train That Couldn't Slow Down
  32. Runaway - Meanwhile On Tracy Island
  33. Runaway - It's A Runaway!
  34. Runaway - Grandma Tracy
  35. EOS - No Contact With Earth
  36. Eos - Eos Awakens
  37. Eos - Lady Penelope
  38. Eos - Eos Finds A Friend
  39. Slingshot - Ned Tedford At The Helm
  40. Slingshot - A Rock In Space
  41. Slingshot - Alan Around The World
  42. Slingshot - A True Tracy
  43. Tunnels Of Time - At The Pyramids Of The Laughing King
  44. Tunnels Of Time - Lady P Investigates
  45. Tunnels Of Time - Into The Temple
  46. Tunnels Of Time - Deeper Into The Accursed Tomb
  47. Tunnels Of Time - Point Of No Return
  48. Tunnels Of Time - It's Now Or Never
  49. Skyhook - Thunderbird 2 Is Going Down
  50. Skyhook - International Rescue Meets Its Match
  51. Skyhook - Crisis Averted
  52. Under Pressure - The Continuing Woes Of Ned Tedford
  53. Under Pressure - Fab 1 Versus The Hoodlum
  54. Heavy Metal - A Giant Theme Park Of Science
  55. Heavy Metal - Whirlpool
  56. Heavy Metal - The Gravity Well
  57. Heavy Metal - Tracy Brothers To The Rescue
  58. Heavy Metal - Closing Titles
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