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Symmetry B/w Slowdown

7" Vinyl
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Symmetry B/w Slowdown
Symmetry B/w Slowdown


Daniel and Danny Chavis are natives of Raleigh/Chapel Hill, North Carolina and East Village residents for the past 28 years. They are also co-founders of the groundbreaking band The Veldt, who lifted their band's name from a Ray Bradbury science fiction story. Musically reared in the church and juke-joints of their native southern state, the twins have been performing since they were children, listening to music that included gospel, Motown and Pink Floyd. In the early '90s, The Veldt would gain superstar level of press as the "next big thing" with features in Spin Magazine, Rolling Stone and on MTV. This past summer, the band hit the road with The Brian Jonestown Massacre (who are huge fans of the band) and started to garner extremely impressive press along the way. The Guardian UK did an entire feature on the band and summed up their '90s plight in one paragraph: Back in the early '90s, his North Carolina quartet had just recorded an album in London with Cocteau Twins' Robin Guthrie, and their new A&R rep was unimpressed. "Other black bands were getting noticed, and every record company wanted their Living Colour," says Chavis. "We didn't fit into that mode."(Guardian UK) The Veldt's sound has always been eclectic but their new single "Symmetry" is a classic return to form for the band, whose sound owes as much to My Bloody Valentine as it does Otis Redding. Hard core fans of 'Shoegaze' and The Cocteau Twins will eat this up and be brought to tears with its beauty. This is the band's first "official" release in over 20 years and will be followed up with a brand new full length in May/June 2017! This is the lead track and a perfect sample of what is to come for The Veldt this year.


  1. Name
  2. Symmetry
  3. Slow Grind
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