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The Legend of Mike Smith

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The Legend of Mike Smith
The Legend of Mike Smith


'The Legend of Mike Smith' is a double album epic from Soweto Kinch that tells the story of an aspiring rapper possessed by each of the seven deadly sins. Fusing jazz, hip-hop and spoken word narrative the album explores corporate sin, the temptations of capitalism and the travails of a young artist attempting to get signed. Featuring Kinch on saxophones, rap/spoken vocals and beat production it's certainly his most ambitious recording project to date.

With the trio of Soweto, Karl Rasheed Abel (bass) and Graham Godfrey (drums) at its core, the album also features notable collaborators including vocalists Eska Mtungwazi and Cleveland Watkiss, pianist Julian Joseph, saxophonist Shabaka Hutchings and trumpeter Jay Phelps, alongside a cast of actors.

Drawing on influences as divergent as Dante, J.S. Bach, Ornette Coleman and Madlib, the album creates an alternative sonic universe to comment on this one and is a thrilling, cryptic and comedic listen from start to finish. As Soweto describes, "this concept really allowed me to push myself to stylistic extremes, light years outside of my comfort zone."

Personnel: Soweto Kinch (rap vocals, alto and tenor saxophone, Rhodes, beats/programming), Shabaka Hutchings (tenor saxophone, clarinet), Jay Phelps (trumpet), Karl Rasheed (double bass), Graham Godfrey (drums), Julian Joseph (piano - 17,19) , Cleveland Watkiss (vocals - 27), Eska Mtungwazi (vocals - 12,31), Rachel Maby (vocals - 37 & all interludes)

The Cast: Soweto Kinch, Toyin Omari-Kinch, Jonathan Owen, Tessa Walker, Yvette Harris, Jonzi D, Rachel Maby, Dominic 'Silverchet' Davids, Joel Cottrell, Tony Platt, David Timothy, Iza Korsak, Terri Facey, Mimi Fresh, Tyrone Huggins, Tony 'Jamo' Morrison, Janine Small, Daniel Anderson


  1. Name
  2. The Phone Call (narrative)
  3. A Restless Mind
  4. The Great Commission (narrative)
  5. The Dream
  6. Proactive Training (narrative)
  7. Acedia (narrative)
  8. Buzzy's Coattails (narrative)
  9. Invidia
  10. Pick Up The Phone (narrative)
  11. Road Block
  12. Tube Delays (narrative)
  13. Traffic Lights
  14. Pressure
  15. Serpent's Tail (narrative)
  16. Ira
  17. Concierge (narrative)
  18. Vacuum
  19. Shopping Spree (narrative)
  20. Sweeping Change
  21. Lord Of The Flies (narrative)
  22. Gula
  23. Escape The Vomitorium (narrative)
  24. Luxuria
  25. Not Smooth Sir (narrative)
  26. The Board Game
  27. Play Again (narrative)
  28. Avaritia
  29. Roma (narrative)
  30. Slam
  31. Shut Out The Voices (narrative)
  32. Better Off Alone
  33. Razor Calls (narrative)
  34. Superbia
  35. The Dark Warrior Lord (narrative)
  36. D'urge
  37. Man's Darkest Hour (narrative)
  38. Epiphany
  39. I'm Going Anyway (narrative)
  40. The Healing
  41. The Golden Mic (narrative)
  42. The Bounce
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