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Enter K

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Enter K
Enter K


To set the ball rolling on a run of Peter Hammill's recordings, Madfish re-issue 'Enter K', originally recorded following his split from the Van der Graaf Generator art rock group. Hammill was known for covering dark motifs with his lyrics, which, along with his 34 solo studio albums and progressive work with the popular Van der Graaf Generator band, this led to him receiving the first ever Visionary Award in the Prog Awards 2012. A founding member and primary song-writer for Van der Graaf Generator, Hammill's vocals have been a distinctive part of the Prog genre from 1967 to the Post-Prog output of the 2000s. Peter Hammill performed with the K group in the early 80s, following Van der Graaf's second split, writing more song-based, punchy new-wave rock. Originally set up as a touring band for Peter Hammill's solo work, Hammill brought material to the studio, where the band gave fresh and energetic backing to Hammill's philosophical lyrics. Hammill writes -- "Enter K is very much a hybrid set of recordings which makes up a pair with Patience. By the time of recording the k group was in full effect, having been formed to tour with songs from Sitting Targets and A Black Box. As I've said elsewhere, not exactly a Beat Group but probably the closest ensemble I've ever been in which would come under that category... And the K group really was something else." Madfish are releasing 'Enter K' on 180g heavyweight black vinyl.


  1. Name
  2. Paradox Drive ( 04:31 )
  3. The Unconscious Life ( 05:05 )
  4. Accidents ( 04:35 )
  5. The Great Experiment ( 05:05 )
  6. Don't Tell Me ( 04:45 )
  7. She Wraps It Up ( 04:20 )
  8. Happy Hour ( 09:15 )
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