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The RCA Albums 1977-1985: 8CD Boxset

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SoulMusic Records is proud to present the eight RCA albums recorded between 1977-1985 by the iconic Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King, undeniably one of the primary purveyors of timeless R&B/dance music that helped fuel the disco movement of the late ‘70s and beyond. While each of Evelyn’s albums has been reissued at different times on CD, this is the first-of-its-kind deluxe box set that includes all eight, with handpicked bonus tracks.

Produced by founder David Nathan (who has known Philadelphia native Evelyn since 1977), “The RCA Albums” includes stellar essays by two renowned writers: Brian Chin, who contributes an insightiful overview of Evelyn’s years with RCA, complete with 2020 quotes from Evelyn herself and producers T. Life and Paul Lawrence Jones, among others; and Charles Waring who provides an in-depth commentary on each of the eight albums. With superb artwork by Roger Williams and first class mastering by Nick Robbins, this box set boasts (82) tracks that display Evelyn’s pioneering artistry and trace her musical journey to international fame, through a number of signature anthems, establishing a global audience in the process that has made her a consistent, dynamic performer for over five decades.

  • Disc One: “SMOOTH TALK” (1977) produced by T. Life includes the fresh-as-ever “Shame,” a US Top 10 pop, R&B and dance hit and the follow-up smash ‘I Don’t Know If It’s Right’; expanded edition bonus tracks are 12” Disco Mixes of each.
  • Disc Two: “MUSIC BOX” (1979), also produced by T. Life, features the US charted hits ‘Out There’ and the title track; expanded edition includes 12” versions of both.
  • Disc Three: “CALL ON ME” (1980) was initially released in 1980 with the title “Sweet Delight” and different tracks; the original LP was withdrawn and retitled with a new track listing. The expanded edition includes all the tracks from “Sweet Delight” as well as the 12” version of the US R&B/dance hit, ‘Let’s Get Funky Tonight’.
  • Disc Four: “I’M IN LOVE” (1981) features the US R&B and dance music #1 title track and boasts production work from Morrie Brown with Kashif & Paul Laurence Jones; and the team of Willie Lester & Rodney Brown. Expanded edition bonus track, 12” Dance Mix of ‘I’m In Love’.
  • Disc Five: “GET LOOSE” (1982) contains two of Evelyn’s most memorable hits, ‘Love Come Down’ and ‘Betcha She Don’t Love You’, both written and co-produced by Kashif; expanded edition includes 12” Version of ‘Love Come Down’


  1. Name
  2. Smooth Talk
  3. I Don't Know If It's Right
  4. Till I Come Off The Road
  5. Dancin', Dancin', Dancin'
  6. Shame
  7. Nobody Knows
  8. We're Going To A Party
  9. The Show Is Over
  10. Shame (12" Disco Mix)
  11. I Don't Know If It's Right(12" Disco Mix)
  12. Music Box
  13. Let's Start All Over Again
  14. Out There
  15. No Time For Fooling Around
  16. Steppin' Out (Part 1)
  17. Steppin' Out (Part 2)
  18. Make Up Your Mind
  19. I Think My Heart Is Telling
  20. It's OK
  21. Music Box (12" Version)
  22. Out There (12" Version)
  23. Let's Get Funky Tonight
  24. Your Kind Of Loving
  25. Call On Me
  26. I Need Your Love
  27. Talk Don't Hurt Nobody
  28. Just A Little Bit Of Love
  29. Bedroom Eyes
  30. Universal Girl
  31. Sweet Delight
  32. Long Time Waiting On You
  33. Is It Good
  34. I Love You
  35. Let's Get Funky Tonight(12 Version)
  36. I'm In Love
  37. If You Want My Lovin'
  38. Don't Hide Our Love
  39. What Are You Waiting For
  40. Spirit Of The Dancer
  41. The Other Side Of Love
  42. I Can't Take It
  43. The Best Is Yet To Come
  44. I'm In Love (12" Dance Mix)
  45. Love Come Down
  46. I Can't Stand It
  47. Betcha She Don't Love You
  48. Get Loose
  49. Back To Love
  50. Stop That
  51. Get Up Off Your Love
  52. I'm Just Warmin' Up
  53. Love Come Down (12" Version)
  54. Action
  55. Face To Face
  56. Shake Down
  57. Tell Me Something Good
  58. Don't It Feel Good
  59. Makin' Me So Proud
  60. Givin' You My Love (What Cha Gonna Do With It)
  61. Teenager
  62. Let's Get Crazy
  63. Show Me (Don't Tell Me)
  64. Heartbreaker
  65. Till Midnight
  66. Just For The Night
  67. Give Me One Reason
  68. Out Of Control
  69. Talking In My Sleep
  70. I'm So Romantic
  71. So In Love
  72. Chemistry Of Love
  73. A Change Is Gonna Come
  74. Spellbound
  75. If You Find The Time
  76. Slow Down
  77. If I Let Myself Go
  78. Your Personal Touch
  79. I'm So Scared
  80. High Horse
  81. Your Personal Touch (Dance Version)
  82. Take A Chance (12 Version)
  83. Better Deal (7 Version)

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