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Free - The Columbia / Arc Recordings 1976-1988: 8CD Clamshell Boxset

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SoulMusic Records is very proud to present a deluxe box set of the 11 Columbia and ARC albums by award-winning icon Deniece Williams released between 1976-1988. A constant presence on the contemporary music scene as a soul, pop and gospel best-selling artist and distinguished songwriter, ‘Niecy’ (as she’s been known since her early ‘70s tenure with Stevie Wonder’s female background vocalists Wonderlove) has racked up over 25 charted hits, all of which can be found on the eight discs that comprise this first-of-its-kind full showcase of Deniece’s distinctive and influential music.

Produced by founder David Nathan, “Free: The Columbia/ARC Recordings” includes an outstanding in-depth essay by distinguished US writer Justin Kantor, with 2021 direct comments from Deniece herself along with interview quotes from the legendary Johnny Mathis as well as an array of producers, songwriters and collaborators involved with some of Niecy’s albums, such as Nathan East, Bill Neale, Greg Mathieson, Monte Moir, Michael Jeffries, Diane Warren, and Michele Val Jean specifically for this project. With stunning artwork by Roger Williams and first class mastering by Nick Robbins, this beautifully-packaged set boasts 115 tracks that display Denice Williams’ soulful artistry as a pre-eminent hitmaker and creative mainstay with a global audience.

  • Disc 1: Combining her 1976 gold-certified debut solo LP, NIECY with the follow-up SONG BIRD (1977) – the former produced by the late Maurice White (of EW&F fame) and the late Charles Stepney, the latter produced by White – the 15 tracks include the timeless classic ‘Free’ and Niecy’s long-time show closer ‘God Is Amazing’.
  • Disc 2: An expanded edition of THAT’S WHAT FRIENDS ARE FOR, 1978’s international best-selling LP of duets with the iconic Johnny Mathis and three bonus tracks, the across-the-board global No. 1 ‘Too Much, Too Little, Too Late’ as well as versions of The Bee Gees-penned ‘Emotion’ and a 1984 rendition of Major Harris’ ‘Love Won’t Let Me Wait’.
  • Disc 3: WHEN LOVE COMES CALLING (1979) with production by Ray Parker Jr. and David Foster includes the R&B/dance hit ‘I’ve Got The Next Dance’; and 1981’s MY MELODY teams Deniece with legendary Philly soul producer/songwriter Thom Bell resulting in charted singles, ‘Silly’ and ‘It’s Your Conscience’.
  • Disc 4: Deniece and Thom Bell followed up with 1982’s NIECY included one of her biggest hits, a cover of The Royalettes’ ‘It’s Gonna Take A Miracle’; while the 1983 set I’M SO PROUD marked the beginning of Niecy’s work with late


  1. Name
  2. It's Important To Me
  3. That's What Friends Are For
  4. Howd I Know That Love Would Slip Away
  5. Cause You Love Me Baby
  6. Free
  7. Watching Over
  8. If You Don't Believe
  9. Time
  10. The Boy I Left Behind
  11. We Have Love For You
  12. God Is Amazing
  13. Baby, Baby My Love's All For You
  14. Season
  15. Be Good To Me
  16. The Paper
  17. You're All I Need To Get By
  18. Until You Come Back To Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do)
  19. You're A Special Part Of My Life
  20. Ready Or Not
  21. Me For You, You For Me
  22. Your Precious Love
  23. Just The Way You Are
  24. That's What Friends Are For
  25. I Just Can't Get Over You
  26. Touching Me With Love
  27. Too Much, Too Little, Too Late
  28. Emotion
  29. Love Won't Let Me Wait
  30. I Found Love
  31. Are You Thinking?
  32. My Prayer
  33. I've Got The Next Dance
  34. Touch Me Again
  35. When Love Comes Calling
  36. God Knows
  37. Like Magic
  38. Turn Around
  39. Why Can't We Fall In Love?
  40. My Melody
  41. It's Your Conscience
  42. Silly
  43. Strangers
  44. What Two Can Do
  45. You're All That Matters
  46. Suspicious
  47. Sweet Surrender
  48. Waiting By The Hotline
  49. It's Gonna Take A Miracle
  50. Love Notes
  51. I Believe In Miracles
  52. How Does It Feel
  53. Waiting
  54. Now Is The Time For Love
  55. A Part Of Love
  56. Do What You Feel
  57. I'm So Proud
  58. So Deep In Love
  59. I'm Glad It's You
  60. Heaven In Your Eyes
  61. They Say
  62. Love, Peace And Unity
  63. It's Okay
  64. Let's Hear It For The Boy
  65. I Want You
  66. Picking Up The Pieces
  67. Black Butterfly
  68. Next Love
  69. Haunting Me
  70. Don't Tell Me We Have Nothing
  71. Blind Dating
  72. Wrapped Up
  73. Whiter Than Snow
  74. Wiser And Weaker
  75. Hot On The Trail
  76. He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not
  77. Video
  78. I Feel The Night
  79. We're Together
  80. Straight From The Heart
  81. Healing
  82. I Confess
  83. Never Say Never
  84. Water Under The Bridge
  85. Love Finds You
  86. Not By Chance
  87. One Less Lonely Heart
  88. I Believe In You
  89. Someone For Someone
  90. Baby This Is Love
  91. Don't Blame It On My Heart
  92. I Cant Wait
  93. This Is As Good As It Gets
  94. We Are Here To Change The World
  95. All I Need
  96. Memories
  97. There's No Other
  98. I Am Sure
  99. It's You I'm After
  100. Don't Stop The Love
  101. Hold Me Tight
  102. Free (Long Single Version)
  103. Baby Baby My Love's All For You (Promotional Single Version)
  104. Silly (Single Version)
  105. It's Your Conscience (Single Version)
  106. It's Gonna Take A Miracle (Single Version)
  107. Do What You Feel (Single Version)
  108. It's Okay (Single Version)
  109. I Found Love (12" Disco Mix)
  110. I've Got The Next Dance (12" Disco Mix)
  111. Let's Hear It For The Boy (12" Version)
  112. Next Love (12" Version)
  113. The Wiser Gets Weaker (12" Extended Version)
  114. Never Say Never (12" Extended Version)
  115. I Confess (12" Dance Mix)
  116. I Can't Wait (12" Version)
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