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Up All Night! 56 Northern Soul Classics (2CD)

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Up All Night! 56 Northern Soul Classics (2CD)
Up All Night! 56 Northern Soul Classics (2CD)


56 NORTHERN SOUL CLASSICS 56 Northern Soul gems made popular by Manchester's Twisted Wheel club and The Wigan Casino. Drawn from the same-named albums originally compiled by Brian Rae and David Flynn in the 1990s, these decade-defying floor-fillers are a solid gold slice of Northern Soul history. With perennial favourites from Gene Chandler, Betty Everett, Sidney Barnes, The Ad Libs, Ann Sexton, Dee Clark, Linda Jones and many more, this deluxe 2CD memorabilia-laden package also features an additional 22 tracks not included on previous editions, plus informative liner notes by Soul authority Bob Fisher. Northern Soul, a new film by Elaine Constantine, which focuses on the UK scene in the '70s, is currently in production.


  1. Name
  2. Nothing Can Stop Me
  3. Nothing's Worse Than Being Alone
  4. That Other Place
  5. I Keep Tryin'
  6. You're The Dream
  7. I Hurt on the Other Side
  8. Lonely for You Baby
  9. Come on Train
  10. Breakaway
  11. You're Gonna Need Me
  12. Being Without You
  13. Why Don't You Write?
  14. But I Couldn't
  15. Just Another Heartache
  16. Touch Me, Hold Me, Kiss Me
  17. Running for My Life
  18. My Man Don't Think I Know
  19. Hold On
  20. You've Been Gone Too Long
  21. I'd Think It Over Twice (If I Were You)
  22. You'll Always Be in Style
  23. Don't Let Me Down
  24. Sweet and Easy
  25. So Blue (Without You)
  26. In Your Heart (You Know I'm Right)
  27. I Can't See Your Love (For The Tears In My Eyes) - Part 1
  28. Omar Khayyam
  29. That's My Girl
  30. Return
  31. Toast To The Lady
  32. You Hit Me Like T.N.T.
  33. One Bo-Dillion Years
  34. Check Yourself
  35. I Love You Always
  36. If There's Anything Else You Want (Let Me Know)
  37. The Wrong Girl
  38. Johnny My Boy
  39. Hey Sugar (Don't Get Serious)
  40. Trouble Over The Weekend
  41. Take A Journey
  42. Shake off That Dream
  43. Just Like The Weather
  44. I Can Take Care Of Myself
  45. Young Man, Old Man
  46. Mister Bang Bang Man
  47. Lovely Woman
  48. Crystal Ball
  49. Please Don't Go
  50. I Can See Him Loving You
  51. I'm Your Pimp
  52. Can't Live Without You
  53. The Girl's Alright With Me
  54. Momma's Gone
  55. I Spy (For The F.B.I.)
  56. Halos Are for Angels

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