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Kenya Special: Vol.2

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Kenya Special: Vol.2
Kenya Special: Vol.2


Kenya Special was one of Soundway Records' most popular releases and is considered a milestone in East African compilations.

Soundway is now proud to present 'Kenya Special : Volume Two'. This time the team of compilers have gone to even greater lengths to share a small part of what is slowly being accepted as an essential element of East Africa's cultural heritage: the history of recorded popular music.

The featured songs on Kenya Special : Volume Two bend the rules, break away from existing genres and sometimes experiment with foreign music trends. The approach to musical rediscovery behind Kenya Special : Volume Two has its origins in a youthful movement of vinyl collecting as well as, to some extent, club culture


  1. Name
  2. The Lulus Band - I Can Feel It
  3. The Bahari Boys - Simba Yuna Nguruma
  4. Kamaru Celina Band - Mukurara Nake
  5. Orch Conga Internationale - Nakupenda Sana
  6. Rift Valley Brothers - Mucangango Ugiraga Mukindirio
  7. LOrch Central International - Jane Jaber
  8. Eagles Lupopo 77 - Mrembo Pesa
  9. Afro 70 - Libondela
  10. Lulus Band - Daina
  11. Orchestre Todi Nationale - Misumba
  12. Peter J Tsotsi & The Eagles Lupopo - Fanya Imani
  13. Kilwa Jazz - Shirikisho
  14. Orch Simba Wanyika - Nakupenda
  15. Afro 70 - Nina
  16. Sammy Katana - Vilole (maisha ya mjini)
  17. African Vibration - Hinde
  18. Mac & Party - Harambe
  19. Orchestre Mangelepa - Nseya
  20. Awengele - Awengele
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