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Grinding Teeth / Zero Sleep (2CD)

Compact Disc (Audio)
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Josh Graham (Red Sparowes, A Storm Of Light) releases his most ambitious IIVII album to date - not one album, but two albums at the same time. Grinding Teeth and Zero Sleep are individual albums that work together, exploring the grey areas between black and white, light and dark, life and death, good and evil, truth and fiction. Grinding Teeth - the inspired soundtrack to the true-life love story of Duane and Debra Johnson. Battling multiple health and mental illness issues, Debra Johnson asked her husband, Duane, to remove her from a medical facility so she could die at home. Over the next 5 days, they had an extended "death party;" smoking methamphetamine, listening to Quiet Riot and having sex. After Debra died in Duane's arms, he wrapped her in linen and called the police. When they arrived on scene, Duane was standing naked near the front door, screaming that his wife was dead. The words "Death Parde God Hell" were spray-painted across the door. Touching on themes of love, death, drug use, sex and criminality, Grinding Teeth features guitars, drums, electric violin and cello, lap steel and electronic instrumentation. The album cover for Grinding Teeth uses "crystal meth" arranged in the form of Lucifer's sigil. Zero Sleep - the adapted score from Thomas D. Rotenberg's sci-fi short film, Don't Forget to Remember. After humanity loses its ability to sleep, mass displacement ensues. Unnamed black pills are distributed to the people by governments at camps around the world. Highly controlled and coveted, these pills provide the only possibility of sleep; while an overdose of the pills opens up an unexpected path to salvation. Touching on themes of hope, despair, love and liberation, Zero Sleep features a live string trio, live vocals and electronic instrumentation


  1. Name
  2. Concerning The Souls Of The Departed
  3. Vox Populi Vox Dei
  4. Gnosis
  5. Gostlye Grace
  6. Consume The Sacrifice
  7. Cold Corpse
  8. The Word Incarnate Dwells Amongst Us
  9. You Are In Me And I Am In You Eternally

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