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Devotion To Song

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Devotion To Song
Devotion To Song


Kath Reade has a goosebumps voice and genius songs. A modern classic album in the folk troubadour tradition, featuring Rebekah Findlay's exhilarating violin. 'Devotion to Song' is the best expression of Kath Reade's singer-songwriting troubadour talent yet, with beautiful accompaniment from talented musicians lovingly cradling her newborn songs. These songs are intensely personal, strongly rooted in love of life and Nature. A singer with a social conscience, Kath is singing from a heroic social experience, borne of a life at the front line of social care. The joyful 'Starting Now' touches a chord in those looking after others, and 'Witch' is an emotional account of the history of women's lives with a driving beat and demonic fiddle from the fabulously talented Rebekah Findlay. Love songs, 'Soul for a Soul' and 'Not Fully Functioning' have a raw tenderness and vulnerability with a touching soaring piano from Shaun Reade. The intensity of these songs takes us to the edge but somehow refrains of 'Be free' sung in that velvet warm voice of hers gives us the courage to go there. Kath is an accomplished guitarist, nowhere better than on the poignant 'Last Sad Song'.


  1. Name
  2. I am on a Journey
  3. Heart and Head
  4. Gypsy Eyes
  5. Witch
  6. Not Fully Functioning
  7. Soul for a Soul
  8. Starting Now
  9. Kathleen
  10. The Angel
  11. Grandmother
  12. All in a Colour
  13. Last Sad Song
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