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Jappa - The Complete Jazz at The Polytechnicum 1967-1968

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Jappa - The Complete Jazz at The Polytechnicum 1967-1968
Jappa - The Complete Jazz at The Polytechnicum 1967-1968


A Svart Mondo Release. These are the Holy Grail of Finnish Jazz - the earliest recordings by Koivistoinen, the living legend of contemporary Nordic Jazz, and they are reissued here for the first time since 1968.By early 1960's, jazz in its mainstream form had become the standard dance music for the student parties in high schools and several student union clubrooms in Helsinki. The Polytech union even organized matinee dances for high school students on Sundays. The change in the musical preference of young people's dance music occurred with the arrival of British rock in the mid-sixties and this, of course, coincided with another cultural and musical development.As the new campus for the school was built in Otaniemi, Espoo in 1955-1966 and its operations gradually moved there, the modern style "Dipoli" building became the crowning edifice on the campus. It was to be the new home for the Polytech student union. When this controversial building was opened in 1966, it was meant to introduce a new vision of the future and constituted an embodiment of the modernist spirit of those times in the late 1960's.This reissue of The Complete Jazz at the Polytechnicum recordings, done in 1967-68, also provides us with a glimpse of the modern directions of those days, not only in jazz music, but also in performance art. It is easy to hear that the main aesthetic in these performances was to break conventions and find new avenues for individual expression. The publisher of these recordings was the Jazz Society of the Tech Students, which was formed a little before these recordings. The name of the society was a take-off from Norman Granz' Jazz at The Philharmonic and it became Jazz at the Polytechnicum. Both are, of course, abbreviated as J.A.T.P., which became formulated in musicians' mouths into "Jappa".This Svart Records re-issue consists of four EP-records in chronological order. The first three feature three jazz groups of the leading young players with their ages ranging from 21 to 30. The fourth one documents a


  1. Name
  2. Jappa
  3. OK Song
  4. Spanish Lady & Lovable Miss P
  5. XYZ
  6. Irwin
  7. Scamp
  8. Interruptus
  9. Lorna
  10. Oi Maamme Suomi
  11. Hysteriablues
  12. Apinan väri
  13. Hän on jumalattoman kaunis
  14. Kuulokuva Emily Bronten romaanista "Humiseva harju"
  15. Mies ja tuoli
  16. Naukumablues
  17. Fanfare
  18. Political Survey
  19. Lila
  20. Funeral Music For Jazzman

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