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Sandhog - A Folk Opera

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Sandhog - A Folk Opera
Sandhog - A Folk Opera


'Sandhog' is a musical adaptation of "St. Columbia and the River" a story by Theodore Dreiser about the tunnel workers, known as "sandhogs," who built the first tunnel under the Hudson River. Featuring music by Earl Robinson and lyrics by Waldo Salt.

Earl Robinson and Waldo Salt's 1956 recording of 'Sandhog' now makes its debut on CD. The release also includes a selection of bonus tracks featuring recordings of the show's main theme 'Katie-O' / 'Johnny-O' as covered by Edmund Hockridge, Felicia Sanders and Vince Martin.

The musical opened at New York's Phoenix Theatre in November 1954 featuring a cast that included Jack Cassidy, Alice Ghostley, David Brooks and Betty Oakes. The production closed after 48 performances and the show went unrecorded. In 1956, Earl Robinson and Waldo Salt recorded an album of 'Sandhog' with Robinson singing the score accompanying himself on piano and Salt providing linking narration. The album was subsequently issued on the Vanguard label and has since become regarded as one of the most sought after and collectable musical theatre recordings.

The release of 'Sandhog' forms part of Stage Door's Collector's Series, a line of limited edition CD products presented in the retro style of a miniature long-playing record. All Collector's Series titles are limited to 500 units.


  1. Name
  2. Act I - Scene 1 - Come Down/Johnnys Cursing Song
  3. Act I - Scene 2 - Johnny-O
  4. Act I - Scene 3 - Good Old Days/Scene 4 - Song of the Bends
  5. Act I - Scene 5 - By the Glenside/Scene 6 - Sandhog Song
  6. Act II - Scene 1 - Sweat Song/Fugue on a Hot Afternoon in a Small Flat
  7. Act II - Scene 2 - T-w-i-n-s/Katie O'Sullivan
  8. Act II - Scene 4 - Work Song/Death of Tim/Sing Sorrow
  9. Act III - Scene 1 - Ma, Ma, Where's My Dad?/The Greathead Shield/Scene 4 - In The Tunnel/Sam On The Stick/Cursing Song (Reprise)/Scene 5 - Johnny-O (Reprise)/Sandhog Song (Finale)
  10. Come Down/Some Said They Were Crazy
  11. Johnny's Cursing Song
  12. Come and be Married/Johnny-O
  13. By the Glenside
  14. Sandhog Song
  15. Katie-O (Bonus Track)
  16. Johnny-O (Bonus Track)
  17. Katie-O (Bonus Track)
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