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Rockinitis Volume 3 (LP)

Long Play Vinyl
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Rockinitis Volume 3
Rockinitis Volume 3


The Rockinitis series showcases electric guitar blues from the mid-fifties to the early sixties. Unfettered pleasure in the form of Black dance music. Third time's the charm as two heavy-hitters join the fray. Wexford, Ireland?s Bill Kealy has been packing dancefloors for 30 years. He was sucked deep into the Rhythm & Blues vortex after following the trail back from the music of his youth; The Kinks, The Animals and the like. A truly international DJ, hear his sets at The Federal Rhythm & Blues Club in Crewe, For Dancers Only in Dublin, or as a regular guest DJ at top R&B clubs almost everywhere. Steve Longworth spent his teenage years dancing to Soul at Wigan Casino. He was then drawn towards the R&B and Popcorn sound. Since the early 2000s he?s been running nights all across England?s North - Soulful Shack, Down In The Basement and The Ad-Lib, to name a few. He?s played gritty Blues 45s at clubs from Barcelona to Melbourne and now regularly spins at Sheffield?s mighty Room At The Top.


  1. Name
  2. You Ain't Too Old - Al Simmons
  3. Hello Miss Jessie Lee - Eddie Burns
  4. I Just Can't Wait - Skip Robinson
  5. Looking For My Baby - The Nightriders
  6. She's Gone Too Long - Roy Brown
  7. I Cry For My Baby - Peppermint Harris
  8. You Don't Love Me - Ulie & The Uniques
  9. Lawdy Lawdy - Junior Wells
  10. I Hate To See You Go - Little Walter
  11. Well, You Know - Dusty Brown
  12. Sorry I Had To Leave - Ace Holder
  13. Wicked Woman - Lynn Johnson
  14. Too Poor - Detroit Junior
  15. Eternal Thing - Jimmy Anthony
  16. All My Whole Life - Magic Sam
  17. My Woman Has A Black Cat Bone - Poppa Hop
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