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Domenico Scarlatti: Complete Piano Sonatas

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Domenico Scarlatti: Complete Piano Sonatas
Domenico Scarlatti: Complete Piano Sonatas


With Scarlatti it is like the string quartets of Joseph Haydn - all the sonatas are simply good, from the first to the last. Ullrich takes things precisely, but he also leaves plenty of room for spontaneity, so embark on the Scarlatti boat, an adventurous journey into the two-part unknown! At present, there are 555 sonatas to be studied, played, filled with life and recorded. Surprisingly, we can structure these works just as it was possible to do with the Haydn quartets: by means of the opus numbers. Most of the sonatas were stored in 17 volumes with 30 sonatas each. The complete edition that we are starting here is based on this subdivision. Two volumes at the beginning, then one volume each year. Thomas Seedorf is providing us with scholarly assistance.


  1. Name
  2. Allegro in D Minor, K1
  3. Presto in G Major, K2
  4. Presto in a Minor, K3
  5. Allegro in G Minor, K4
  6. Allegro in D Minor, K5
  7. Allegro in F Major, K6
  8. Presto in a Minor, K7
  9. Allegro in G Minor, K8
  10. Allegro in D Minor, K9
  11. Presto in D Minor, K10
  12. Allegro in C Minor, K11
  13. Presto in G Minor, K12
  14. Presto in G Major, K13
  15. Presto in G Major, K14
  16. Allegro in E Minor, K15
  17. Presto in B Flat Major, K16
  18. Presto in F Major, K17
  19. Presto in D Minor, K18
  20. Allegro in F Minor, K19
  21. Presto in E Major, K20
  22. Allegro in D Major, K21
  23. Allegro in C Minor, K22
  24. Allegro in D Major, K23
  25. Presto in a Major, K24
  26. Allegro in F Sharp Minor, K25
  27. Presto in a Major, K26
  28. Allegro in B Minor, K27
  29. Presto in E Major, K28
  30. Presto in D Major, K29
  31. Moderato in G Minor, K30
  32. Allegro in G Minor, K31
  33. Aria in D Minor, K32
  34. D Major, K33
  35. Larghetto in D Minor, K34
  36. Allegro in G Minor, K35
  37. Allegro in a Minor, K36
  38. Allegro in D Minor, K37
  39. Allegro in F Major, K38
  40. Presto in a Major, K39
  41. Minuetto. Moderato in C Minor, K40
  42. Andante Moderato in D Minor, K41
  43. Minuetto in B Flat Major, K42
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