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Medieval Music For Saint Nicholas

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Medieval Music For Saint Nicholas
Medieval Music For Saint Nicholas


In the middle ages, the reverence for Saint Nicolas was not limited to the Christmas season, as it is today. It is unlikely that he would have become the patron saint of sailors and other professions, had this been the case. The ensemble Peregrina found a great number of songs on their search for Nicolas. In putting together this program it was of great advantage to have within the ECHO-awarded ensemble, and within its network of musicologists who know where to look, how to read and interpret the sources and how to perform the music.


  1. Name
  2. Gaudeat Ecclesia
  3. Sanctissimo Pontifici
  4. Nicholaus Pontifex
  5. St. Godrich Songs
  6. Alleluia. Nobilissimis Siquidem
  7. Incomparabiliter
  8. Ave Presul Alme
  9. Gaudens In Domino / Jube Domne
  10. Benedicamus Regi Sydereo
  11. Lleluia. Tumba Sancti Nycholai
  12. Nicholaus Inclitus
  13. Ora Pro Nobis, Beate Nicolae
  14. Ex Eius Tumba V. Catervatim
  15. Salve Cleri / Salve Iubar
  16. Sancto Dei Nicolao
  17. Gaudens In Domino
  18. Stampede
  19. Exultemus Et Letemur
  20. Alleluia. Fac Veniale Tuis
  21. Nicholai Presulis
  22. Nicholai Sollempnia
  23. Celica Siderei
  24. Qui Cum Audissent V. Clara Quippe
  25. Benedicamus Domino
  26. Benedicamus Devotis Mentibus
  27. Benedicamus Trope
  28. 3-part Benedicamus Trope
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