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Waiting Or Flying

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Waiting Or Flying
Waiting Or Flying


In May 2015 Tin Angel Records will release the debut recording of Superheroes Dream - a 10" record, Waiting or Flying. An engaging and piquant pairing of compositions by Canadian singer/trombonist Doug Tielli and British pianist Adam Hibberd, the record weaves between Adam's intricate, light classical pieces and Doug's hypnotic, falsetto, heavy arching melodies. The two composer/performers are joined by Sarah Laughton on clarinet. This trans-national collaboration began when the three musicians met at an evening at the Tin in Coventry where Adam gave the first performance of his new pieces. Doug was on tour in the UK and the trio took the opportunity, while he was in Coventry, to work together, each composer bringing three compositions. They had three days. This compressed time frame moved the creative process to an intensity that breathed new life into each musician; inextricably weaving culture, style, technique and genre. Freedom was taken by each musician to improvise and reimagine the two very different styles and constructs offered by the two composers; Adam's pieces precisely scored on printed staves and Doug's, hand sketched, a combination of dots, lines and melodies without bar lines. Each piece was moved and shaped as the moment dictated without losing the original essence. It is in this spirit that Superheroes Dream embarked on an open-ended interplay, which has resulted in Waiting or Flying recorded in a day, music which bounces, stretches, soars, takes its time, and dances quickly and then languorously. An extract of the music is complimented and interpreted by Coventry based visual artist, Martin Green and filmmaker Colin Park. Martin was filmed making intuitive, drawn / doodled responses to the titles and musical themes and Colin has created a layered film that reflects the collaborative way the music was constructed.


  1. Name
  2. Dance
  3. Another Dance Begins
  4. June
  5. Raindrop
  6. Revive Waltz
  7. Scarlet Moons
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