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Shakespeare Vs Streaming (100x30)

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Shakespeare Vs Streaming (100x30)
Shakespeare Vs Streaming (100x30)


"The world's weirdest musical tribute to Shakespeare? This is London band 'The Pocket Gods' new album of one hundred thirty second songs - and all about the great Bard himself! It is being released on Thoroughbredmusic/Proper Distribution to mark the 400th anniversary of his death. Following their previous ground-breaking album '100x30' - cult indie band The Pocket Gods are continuing the campaign for fairer royalties from streaming services such as Spotify with this, another album of 100 songs all 30 seconds long! Spotify, and other similar global streaming set ups pay out a paltry royalty once a song hits thirty seconds and then no more - so why write longer songs? Why not adapt your song writing craft to the YouTube channel / media switching generation? The previous ""100x30"" album gained huge media attention, featuring in the Wall St Journal, The Independent, Forbes Magazine, The Evening Standard, ITV and even Billboard the US music magazine who heralded it to be "Hauling digital music and the modern world over the coals."


  1. Name
  2. When Shall We Three Meet Again
  3. Hey Ho Nonny Nonny
  4. Shaking Speare Stevens
  5. Play On
  6. Jeremy Corbyn As Julius Ceasar
  7. Gaberdines & Pantaloons
  8. Homeward Bound
  9. The Curse Of WS
  10. shakespeare
  11. Super Synthetic Computer Bard
  12. Blind Hope
  13. The Seven Moons
  14. David Bowie V Shakespeare
  15. King John's Rant
  16. Willow Willow Willow
  17. Time Doth Waste Me
  18. Henry IV part 3
  19. Tongue In Your Tail
  20. The Middle Class Wives Of Windsor
  21. As Viola
  22. Bard Rock Café
  23. Trump Town
  24. Love Is Blind
  25. Shakespeare The Commuter
  26. tb or not tb
  27. Summer's Day (Shall I Compare Thee)
  28. Suicide In Shakespeare
  29. Sounds Of Music
  30. Tossposts
  31. Sonnet 108 (abridged) Nonny 909 mix
  32. She's A Woman
  33. Shakespeare In Time
  34. Happy Camper
  35. Shakespeare V Spotify
  36. Shake It Shakespeare
  37. Second Best Bed (In Da House)
  38. Romeo & Juliet
  39. 2016
  40. Quickly
  41. Dull & Bottom
  42. Pursued By A Bear
  43. Oyster
  44. Ophelia
  45. Oberon Kenobi
  46. Much Ado About Nuthing
  47. Mr Trump
  48. Motely Coat
  49. Marrying A Punk
  50. On Shakespeare's Grave
  51. Manna
  52. Kingdom For A Stage
  53. Food Of Love
  54. Shakespeare All Over
  55. King James 46
  56. It Is Music With Her Silver Sound
  57. If Shakespeare Was Alive Today He'd Be Writing For YouTube
  58. Star Of England
  59. I Don't Give A Flying Folio Malvolio
  60. Henry V's Doorbell
  61. The Globe
  62. Heart's Content
  63. The Death Of Good Duke Humphrey
  64. Happy Dagger
  65. Let Music Sound
  66. Shakespeare V Aliens
  67. Stage Craft Beer
  68. Hamlet
  69. High Time
  70. Full Fathom 5 Live
  71. Faerie Queen
  72. Exit (pursued by a bear)
  73. Larry O
  74. Drowsy
  75. Cygnus
  76. CU Night Twelfth
  77. Scurvy Politician
  78. Cornwall
  79. Cathrine
  80. Bushed Lullaby
  81. Rome
  82. Bring Me The Head Of Francis Bacon
  83. Bring A Tomb
  84. Big Willie Style
  85. To Die To Sleep No More
  86. Beware The IDS Of March
  87. Cardenio
  88. Better Part Of Valour
  89. Bardify
  90. 6 Words
  91. Ballad Of Blackfriars Tavern
  92. 2 be or not
  93. Lark
  94. Bard For Life
  95. Albany
  96. Alas Poor Doris
  97. Ahem
  98. Tis Here!
  99. 2 Noble Kinsmen
  100. Farewell part 1
  101. Farewell part 2
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