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Love Can't Tell Time

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Love Can't Tell Time
Love Can't Tell Time


This is a simple record. I recorded it live off the floor. No artificial flavours or colours and no preservatives. Just me and the Hensell on one old tube mik and Victor Bateman on the doghouse bass facing me. I can't seem to get that rebellious streak out of me that dictates when the world is going in one direction I have to strike out in the completely the opposite.

The violin parts by the brilliant Drew Jurecka and the steel of Burke Carroll were, of course added later and they prove just how great they are with every listen.

Of the songs I wrote or co wrote, Love Just Can't Tell Time and Little White Lies have a special place in my heart. They were co written with my friend Alison Gordon, a take-no-prisoners gal who was a sportswriter, a novelist, a broadcaster and a great critic when any of us got off the rails. She passed away before I finished this record but she lives on in these songs.


  1. Name
  2. Pick Yourself Up
  3. Love Just Can't Tell Time
  4. The Luckiest Guy
  5. My Martini
  6. Hey There
  7. Come Fly With Me
  8. Little White Lies
  9. I'm Not Gonna To Waist A Minute Of My Life
  10. The Second Half Of Life
  11. When You're At The Top
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