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The CD is basically a collection of songs that people ask for at concerts 'Up Where We Belong', 'Universal Soldier', 'Until It's Time For You To Go' to rarely heard tracks. 'The Pathfinder: Buried: Treasures' offers with the benefit of hindsight a glimpse into this prolific artist at a time when she was defining the protest music genre that underscores the 1960's. Buffy struggled to get airplay at the time, not knowing until 2006 when she discovered that both the CIA and FBI had kept her under surveillance during the Johnson and Nixon administrations, who actively sought to gag many artists in the media who were critical of the government as well as the Vietnam war. This collection is a vibrant travelogue through the mind of an icon. It offers a distinct and refined listening experience that is a must have for any folk, country or blues aficionado fascinated with the music that denotes the complex of inter-related cultural and political trends of 'The Sixties' which continued to develop throughout the 20th century and beyond.


  1. Name
  2. Generation
  3. Sweet Little Vera
  4. Hong Kong Star Boy
  5. Look At The Facts
  6. Sweet, Fast Hooker Blues
  7. Nobody Will Ever Know It's Real But You
  8. Eagle Man / Changing Woman
  9. You Take Me Away
  10. Starwalker: For the American Indian Movement
  11. All Around The World
  12. I've Really Fallen For You
  13. Love's Got to Breathe and Fly
  14. A Man
  15. I Can't Take It No More
  16. Sweet January
  17. Can't You See The Way I Love You
  18. Qu'Appelle Valley, Saskatchewan
  19. Mongrel Pup
  20. I Been Down
  21. he Beauty Way
  22. Where Poets Go
  23. That's The Way You Fall In Love
  24. HEY! Baby Howdja Do Me This Way?
  25. Don't Need No City Life
  26. Wynken, Blynken & Nod
  27. Can't Believe The Feeling When You're Gone
  28. Free The Lady
  29. Sweet America
  30. Honey Can You Hang Around
  31. Waves
  32. America My Home
  33. Ain't No Time For Worryin' Blues
  34. Til I See You Again (Jusqu Au Je Te Revois)
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