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Alphabet Zoo

Compact Disc (Audio)
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Alphabet Zoo
Alphabet Zoo


We're all off to the The Great Alphonso's Circus. The new and beautifully re-packaged edition of Ralph McTell's timeless children's classic, "Alphabet Zoo". The songs on "Alphabet Zoo" are now approaching their third generation of young fans. Commissioned by Granada Television in the mid-1980's, the show starred Nerys Hughes, who read a story, Ralph McTell, who wrote and performed a song, and a Bernese Mountain dog called Duster who dribbled and ate cheese. Stories included: an albertross intimidated by aeroplanes; a lonely hedghog whose friends wouldn't come for a sleepover due to her prickles; a racing newt and a woodpecker with a superhero alter-ego. A huge favourite was a song about a kangaroo who got stuck in the mud at the watering hole on a hot Australian day. The songs on this album were selected from both series with a duplicate of the letter N as - Nellie The Newt and Nigel The Nightingale were too close to call. The album features a number of woodland creatures voiced by Ralph, various sound engineers, musicians and Ralph's children. The letter S is particular favourite of Ralph's as he duets with his son Billy at age three, celebrating the circus feats of the stupendous Sally the Seal. Ralph declined a third series, after deciding his creative well had run dry on songs about X-ray fish!


  1. Name
  2. Albert Ross the Albatross
  3. Boris the Bat
  4. Camilla the Camel
  5. Digger the Dog
  6. Edna the Elephant
  7. Fergus the Frog
  8. Gordon the Goat
  9. Holly the Hedgehog
  10. Impala Song
  11. Jake the Jackdaw
  12. Kenny the Kangaroo
  13. Laurence the Lion
  14. Maurice the Mole
  15. Nigel the Nightingale
  16. Nellie the Newt
  17. Ollie the Otter
  18. Peter the Parrot
  19. Quentin the Quall
  20. The Rabbit Song
  21. Sally the Seal
  22. Tammy the Tortoise
  23. Unwin the Unicorn
  24. Victor the Vulture
  25. Wagstaff the Woodpecker
  26. X-ray Fish
  27. Yuri the Yak
  28. Zoe the Zebra
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