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Chanson Hysterique 1995-2005 (Box Set) (7LP)

Long Play Vinyl
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Chanson Hysterique 1995-2005 (Box Set) (7LP)
Chanson Hysterique 1995-2005 (Box Set) (7LP)


Since their first release in 1995 Stereo Total have spoiled us with their entertaining over-the-top-songs, always way beyond mass taste. The anti-diva Francoise Cactus and the multi-non-instrumentalist Brezel Gring have released a total of 16 albums - including soundtracks and theatre works. The box set "Chanson Hysterique" presents the first ten years of the bands history and, due to the death of Francoise Cactus on 17th February 2021, also unfortunately represents the last Stereo Total release in which this extraordinary artist participated. "Instead of buying a record, we just made one of our own". This box set contains the recordings from the first ten years of Stereo Total - the original albums, with original covers!,as well as various rarities. There's also a book, though not about Stereo Total. Instead it is a catalogue of Francoise Cactus's art work. These sketches and paintings embody the very latest trends in art, sex, and psychological disorders - borderline kitsch at its best! Fran?oise wasn't actually seeking a career as a painter with these works - she just wanted to decorate the empty walls of our apartment. We had a similar impulse with our music. With Stereo Total we recorded the music we wanted to hear; fun, with no regard for mainstream taste, na?ve, perverse, and always a bit off-kilter. Before concerts Fran?oise often warned me not to play too precisely otherwise people might think we were just playing a recording. This was not difficult for me, as I can make an expensive instrument sound like a 50 euro piece of junk, and nearly everything we play relies on screw-ups. The box set was the final project Fran?oise worked on. Because of her tragic death, this release now represents the end of Stereo Total and a farewell to the amazing and unique Francoise Cactus: she is difficult to describe and absolutely impossible to explain. But listen for yourself" - Brezel Gring - Stereo Total. LP1/CD1 Oh Ah . LP2/CD2 Monokini LP3/CD3 Juke-Box Alarm LP4/CD4 My Melody LP5/CD5 Musique Automatique LP6/CD6 Do the Bambi LP7/CD7 Carte postale and other rarities
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