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Good Humour For The Rest Of The Night (The Voice of The People Vol.25)

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Good Humour For The Rest Of The Night
Good Humour For The Rest Of The Night


This latest addition to Topic's now-essential Voice of the People series features 60 recordings of traditional dance music from Northumberland and Cumberland. The recordings in the Voice of the People series represent cultures that have passed or are passing rapidly, as the social and economic conditions and the habitats that supported them have gone or are going forever. These performances have timeless appeal and resonances and, fortunately for successive generations, Peter Kennedy. In 1954, there were no other collectors, corporate, professional or amateur, prepared to explore the nature of English traditional dance and traditional dance music, and the only precedent in recording traditional dance music on location was set by Peter Kennedy; the fruits of the pioneering field trip he undertook that year are presented here - great tunes, great style, subtle decoration and great rhythm warm and entertaining a potential eye-opener for the newcomer and an object lesson for some old-timers. Of equal importance, Peter laid down some basic material for the subsequent construction of a history and an appreciation of traditional music and dance in the Border hills.


  1. Name
  2. The Soldier's Joy (Country Dance)
  3. The Ribbon Country Dance
  4. We All Go A-Hunting Today
  5. Ned's Father's Strathspey
  6. The Ladies' Hornpipe
  7. Barbara Bell
  8. The Coquet Reel
  9. The Lads Of North Tyne (Hornpipe)
  10. The Mosstroopers Polka
  11. The Wild Hills Of Wannies (Waltz)
  12. My Love She's But A Lassie Yet (Jew's Harp)
  13. The Clinch Polka (Melodeon)
  14. The Clinch Polka (Duet)
  15. George Foreman's Hornpipe
  16. The Sylph (Country Dance)
  17. Highland Laddie (Country Dance)
  18. The Keel Row (Country Dacne)
  19. The Heel And Toe Polka: Duncan Gray
  20. Proudlock's Hornpipe
  21. Patrick Conroy's March
  22. Patrick Conroy's Waltz No.1
  23. Patrick Conroy's Waltz No.2
  24. The Rollicking Irishman (Jig)
  25. Corn Rigs (Country Dance)
  26. Jake Hutton's Strathspey
  27. Durham Rangers/The Rights Of Man
  28. Circassian Circle: Good Humour
  29. The Tune For Step-Dancing
  30. Russian Ballet
  31. Nancy
  32. Drops Of Brandy (Country Dance)
  33. The Maltese Schottische
  34. Roxburgh Castle (Country Dance)
  35. The Lancers, Figure 1
  36. The Lancers, Figure 2
  37. The Lancers, Figure 3
  38. The Lancers, Figure 4
  39. The Lancers, Figure 5
  40. The Last Figure Of The Lancers
  41. The West End (Hornpipe)
  42. Corn Rigs (Country Dance)
  43. The Garden House (Polka)
  44. Louden's Bonny Woods And Braes (Schottische)
  45. The Gilsland Hornpipe
  46. Peter Robson's Polka
  47. The Roman Wall (Jig)
  48. Billy's Father's Polka
  49. The Circassian Circle: The Whinshields Hornpipe
  50. The Circassian Circle: Whinham's Reel
  51. The Triumph (Country Dance)
  52. Corn Rigs (Country Dance)
  53. The Ribbon Dance (Country Dance)
  54. Cock Your Leg Up
  55. The Self (Country Dance)
  56. The Circassian Circle, First Figure
  57. The Circassian Circle, Second Figure: Bonnets Of Dundee
  58. Roxburgh Castle (Country Dance)
  59. Caddam Woods
  60. Jack Heron's Waltz
  61. The Circassian Circle
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