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It Was Mighty! The Early Days Of Irish Music In London (The Voice Of The People Vol.29)

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It Was Mighty! The Early Days Of Irish Music In London (The Voice Of The People Vol.29)
It Was Mighty! The Early Days Of Irish Music In London (The Voice Of The People Vol.29)


There wasn't a corner of what was to become Greater London in the 1950s where there wasn't some Irish music to be heard, if you knew where to find it. This collection of recordings presents and explores the music-making of those immigrants from rural Ireland who settled in London in the first couple of decades after the War. Their music was deeply rooted in their background back home, but it was often said back then that there was much better Irish music to be heard in London than in Ireland. That, of course, was a rash overstatement, but there was certainly more of it to be heard publicly at that time in London than anywhere else in the world.


  1. Name
  2. Reel: The Jolly Tinker
  3. Reel: Bonnie Kate
  4. Reel: The Boys Of Ballisadare
  5. Reel: The Copperplate
  6. Hornpipe: Paddy Taylor's
  7. Reel: The Cabin Hunter
  8. Slow Air: With Kitty I'll Go
  9. Slides: Pat Hanley's No.1 / Pat Hanley's No.2
  10. Hornpipe: Nan Landers'
  11. Slide: Nan Landers'
  12. Reels: The Wild Irishman / The College Grove / Jenny Picking Cockles
  13. Slip Jig: Doherty's
  14. Polkas: Danny Mcniff's / Farewell To Whiskey
  15. Reel: The Streams In The Valley
  16. Reel: The Beauty Spot
  17. Hornpipe: Poll Ha'penny
  18. Jigs: Brian O'lynn / The Maid In The Meadow
  19. Reels: The Girl That Broke My Heart / Dick Cosgrove
  20. Reels: The Copperplate / The Bunch Of Keys
  21. Reels: St. Ruth's Bush / Paddy Kelly's Favourite
  22. Jigs: Wallop The Spot / The Tongs By The Fire
  23. Slow Air: The Red-Haired Boy
  24. Jig: The Cliffs Of Moher
  25. Hornpipe: The Cuckoo's Nest
  26. Polka: Tralee Gaol
  27. Jig: The Pipe On The Hob
  28. Jig: Munster Buttermilk
  29. Reels: The West Wind / Sean Reid's Fancy
  30. Reel: The Humours Of Scarriff
  31. Reels: The Galway Rambler / The London Lasses
  32. Jigs: The Rose In The Heather / The Gold Ring / The Maid On The Green / Saddle The Pony
  33. Reel: The Boys Of The Lough
  34. Reels: The Liffey Banks / The Shaskeen
  35. Jig: When We Were Drinking
  36. Reels: The Old Bush / The Chicago
  37. Reels: The Chicago / The Green Fields Of America
  38. Reels: Limerick Lasses / Come West Along The Road
  39. Reel: Cregg's Pipes
  40. Reel: Farrell Gara
  41. Reel: Miss Mcleod's
  42. Hornpipe: The Red-Haired Lad
  43. Set-Dance: The Orange Rogue
  44. Set Dance: Rodney's Glory
  45. Fling: Green Grow The Rushes O
  46. Katie's Reel
  47. Reel: Christmas Eve
  48. Hornpipe: The Belfast
  49. Reel: Put The Cake On The Dresser
  50. Jig: The Strayaway Child
  51. Reel: Jenny's Welcome To Charlie
  52. Reel: Big Pat
  53. Jig: Molloy's Wife
  54. Slow Air: The Clay Of Kilcreggan
  55. Programme Piece: The Ace And Deuce Of Piping
  56. Jigs: Paddy O'rafferty / The Sixpenny Money
  57. Reel: Sean Sa Ceo
  58. Jig: The Frieze Britches
  59. Reel: The Flax In Bloom
  60. Reels: The Salamanca / The Yellow Tinker
  61. Jig: The Newport Lass
  62. Reel: The Flogging
  63. Hop Jig: The Kid On The Mountain
  64. Hornpipe: Dwyer's
  65. Reel: The Lady On The Island
  66. Reel: Maud Miller
  67. Polka: The Mountain Pathway
  68. Reel: The Galway Rambler
  69. Reels: The Bunch Of Keys / The Star Of Munster
  70. Reels: Mulhaire's / Father Kelly's
  71. Reel: The Concert Reel
  72. Reel: The Dublin
  73. Reels: The Duke Of Leinster & His Missus
  74. Reel: The College Grove
  75. Reel: Kitty In The Lane
  76. Jigs: The Rookery / The Cliffs Of Moher
  77. Reels: Night In Ennis / The Maid Behind The Bar
  78. Reels: Paddy Ryan's Dream / Mamma's Pet
  79. Reels: The Galway Rambler / The London Lasses
  80. Reels: The Old Bush / The Galty
  81. Reel: Speed The Plough
  82. Reel: The Bucks Of Oranmore
  83. Reel: The Star Of Munster
  84. Reel: The Laurel Tree
  85. Jigs: The Miners Of Wicklow / Paddy Taylor's
  86. Jigs: Garrett Barry's Favourite / The Luckpenny
  87. Reel: The Eel In The Sink
  88. Reel: Sean Sa Ceo / Come West Along The Road
  89. Reels: The Congress / The Bag Of Spuds
  90. Reels: Dinny O'brien / Farewell To Connacht
  91. Reel: Tommy Potts's
  92. Reel: Maud Miller
  93. Reel: The New Custom House
  94. Reels: I'm Waiting For You / The Bag Of Spuds
  95. Reel: Carmel O'mahony
  96. Jigs: The Boys Of The Town / We Drink And Kiss The Ladies
  97. Reel: Scotch Mary
  98. Reel: The Stoney Steps
  99. Hornpipes: Bill Black's / O'byrne's
  100. Jigs: Old Hag, You Have Killed Me / Old Tipperary
  101. Jig: Father Kelly's
  102. Reels: The Little Thatched Cottage / Down The Strand
  103. Reel: Sporting Paddy
  104. Reel: Cregg's Pipes
  105. Reel: Imelda Roland's
  106. Reels: Colonel Roger's / Happy Days Of Youth
  107. Hornpipes: The Friendly Visit / The Cuckoo
  108. Reels: The Merry Harriers / The Hut In The Bog
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