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It Was Great Altogether! The Continuing Tradition Of Irish Music In London (: The Voice of The People Vol.30) (3CD)

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It Was Great Altogether! The Continuing Tradition Of Irish Music In London
It Was Great Altogether! The Continuing Tradition Of Irish Music In London


Throughout the last fifty years, traditional Irish music has continued to secure a place for itself in London. Early on in the period, as the recordings on Discs 1 and 2 demonstrate, the "old" music, completely untouched by the goings-on in Irish popular music, was still going strong. Disc 3 is concerned with traditional music in recent years, and the current scene belongs to second and third generation musicians. These younger ones are the sons and daughters or grandchildren of first generation immigrants. They are clearly Londoners, but first and foremost they are Irish, strongly attached to the Irish community in London and their parents' places back home.


  1. Name
  2. Reels: Tarbolton / The Longford Collector / The Sailors Bonnet
  3. Reels: Martin Wynnes No. 1 / Martin Wynnes No. 2
  4. Jigs: Whelans / The Lark In The Morning
  5. Reels: Jackie Colemans / The Castle
  6. Single Jig: The Flax-Dresser / Highland: The Limerick Races
  7. Reels: Billy Brockers / The Humours Of Tulla
  8. Jig: Cherish The Ladies
  9. Reels: Lucy Campbell / The Bucks Of Oranmore / Rakish Paddy
  10. Reels: Connemara Stockings / Ships Are Sailing
  11. Hornpipes: The New Century / Caroline Oneills
  12. Reels: Kitty In The Lane / Maude Miller
  13. Jigs: The Mouse In The Cupboard / Happy To Meet, Sorry To Part
  14. Polkas: The Glenside No.1 / The Glenside No. 2
  15. Reels: Eddie Maloneys / Lady Gordon
  16. Schottisches: Sweet Flowers Of Milltown / The Boys Of Knock
  17. Jigs: The Knights Of St. Patrick / Paddy In London
  18. Hornpipes: The Humours Of Tullycrinme / Mickie Callaghers
  19. March: The Siamsa
  20. Jigs: The Fly In The Porter / Burning Brakes
  21. Reels: The Pride Of Rathmore / The Girls Of Farranfore
  22. Reels: The Derrycrag / Tie The Bonnet / The Abbey Reel
  23. Jigs: Strike The Gay Harp / Brendan Tonroes
  24. Reels: The Stoney Steps / The Hares Paw
  25. Reel: The Carracastle Lasses
  26. Jig: The Frieze Britches
  27. Reel: The Heathery Breeze
  28. Reels: Ocallaghans / The Hares Foot
  29. Reels: Cooleys / Orourkes / The Pigeon On The Gate
  30. Jigs: The Rakes Of Clonmel / The Humours Of Drimnagh / Castleconnor
  31. Reels: The Four Courts / The New Copperplate
  32. Jig: The Knocknagow
  33. Hornpipe: The Harlequin
  34. Jigs: John Mahinneys No. 1 / Sligo Bay
  35. Jig: Paddy In London
  36. Jig: Australian Waters
  37. Reels: Farewell To Ireland / The Maid Of Mount Cisco / Come West Along The Road
  38. Single Jigs: Un-Titled / Royal Charlie
  39. Reel: Andersons
  40. Single Jig: The Long Note
  41. Reel: Jack Coughlins Favourite
  42. Jig: The Green Blanket
  43. Reel: The Green Mountain
  44. Reel: Rolling In The Barrel
  45. Jigs: Mchughs / The American Jig
  46. Hornpipes: The Honeysuckle / The Frisco
  47. Jig: The Castlepollard Lass
  48. Jig: Tommy Mcgowans
  49. Reel: The Maid Behind The Bar
  50. Reel: Rakish Pat
  51. Jigs: Pat Burkes / Frahers
  52. Reels: Touch Me If You Dare / The Flowers Of Redhill
  53. Jigs: Nora Crionna / The Banks Of Newfoundland
  54. Reels: Scotch Mary / Ships Are Sailing
  55. Reels: The Thatched Cabin / The Skylark
  56. Reels: The Eel In The Sink / The Ivy Leaf
  57. Jig: The Humours Of Lisheen
  58. Slide: The Humours Of Glenflesk
  59. Reel: Sergeant Careys Dream
  60. Reel: Paddy Obriens
  61. Reel: Maud Miller
  62. Jigs: Munster Buttermilk / Jim Wards / The Old Favourite
  63. Reels: The Jolly Tinker / The Pretty Girls Of Mayo
  64. Reels: The Banks Of The Ilen / Cronins
  65. Reels: Lad Obeirnes / Fionn Odonals
  66. Reels: The Concert Reel / The Corpus Reel
  67. Jigs: Up Sligo / The Shoemakers Fancy
  68. Reels: Lady Gordon / Johnny Henrys
  69. Reels: The Mullingar Races / Music In The Glen
  70. Reels: The Primrose Lass / Creggs Pipes / Tom Wards Downfall
  71. Jigs: The Mill Pond / Statia Donnellys
  72. Reel: Grandpa Tommys Ceili Band
  73. Jig: The Knocknagow
  74. Reels: Devaneys Goat / The Dairymaid
  75. Reels: The Salmanca / The Crooked Road
  76. Slow Air: Blackbirds And Thrushes
  77. Reels: Colliers / The Doone
  78. Jigs: The Telegraph / Out On The Ocean
  79. Reel: The Morning Dew
  80. Jigs: Pat Mahons / The Fox And The Thatch
  81. Reels: Dan Breens / The Road To Monalea
  82. Reels: The Musical Priest / Jennys Chickens
  83. Hornpipes: Cronins / The Western
  84. Reel: Fred Finns
  85. Slip-Jig: Marie Rua (Red Haired Mary) / Jig: The Visit To Ireland
  86. Reels: The Boys Of The Lough / The Devils Of Dublin
  87. Reels: Farrell Gara / Christmas Eve / The Sligo Maid
  88. Jig: The Coolai
  89. Reels: The Laurel Tree / King Of The Clans
  90. Reels: P Flanagans / The Corpus Reel
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