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Songs From The Steppes: Kazakh Music Today

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Songs From The Steppes: Kazakh Music Today
Songs From The Steppes: Kazakh Music Today


Until Stalin penned them up in collective farms and factories, the Kazakhs were a nomadic people: their nomad culture lives on through their rich and sophisticated musical tradition. Now an independent country, this CD reflects the vigour of Kazakhstan's present day bardic tradition and it's virtuosic musicians. Recorded by and with an introductory essay by the celebrated journalist and comentator, Michael Church, Songs From The Steppes is produced in co-operation with the Kazakh Embassy who are putting a lot of weight behind it. Many of the musicians are being flown over to perform in three live concerts in London and Cambridge. Radio and mainsteam press coverage is already lined up and the BBC Music Magazine is publishing an article about Kazkah music and this album written by Michael Church. The musicians, many of whom are young, are musically trained and highly skilled reflecting the newly independent country's dedication to preserving its traditions. Songs From The Steppes, recorded in the winter snows of Astana and Almaty, offers a riveting musical journey to the heart of ancient Kazakhstan.


  1. Name
  2. Kara Kozim - Ardak Balazhanova
  3. Kongil Ashar - Anar Muzdakhanova
  4. Kara Kemir - Kunduz Kalambaeva
  5. Zhez Kiik - Kunduz Kalambaeva
  6. Saulem-Ai - Elmira Zhanabergenova
  7. Guldariga - Ikilas Ozkhai
  8. Dolana - Bayan Musaeva
  9. Ak Kaiin - Kurmash Ibishev
  10. Buldirgen - Folk Ensemble Of The Presidential Orchestra
  11. Iligai - Folk Ensemble Of The Presidential Orchestra
  12. Ak Ozen - Folk Ensemble Of The Presidential Orchestra
  13. Zhez Kiik - Folk Ensemble Of The Presidential Orchestra
  14. Talim - Folk Ensemble Of The Presidential Orchestra - Elmira Zhanabergenova
  15. Sekirtpe - Klara Tulenbaeva
  16. Bastau - Klara Tulenbaeva
  17. Sauskty Bastym Pernege - Berik Zhusipov
  18. Ukili Kamshat - Ardak Balazhanova
  19. Dudarai - Madina Sadvakasova
  20. Altyn Altai - Edil Huseinov
  21. Tokym Kagar - Edil Huseinov
  22. Tulpar Shabyty - Edil Huseinov
  23. Navoi Shark - Alexi Yefremenko
  24. Toi Bastar - Alexi Yefremenko
  25. Akku - Rustem Kulshebaev
  26. Esil Kun - Rustem Kulshebaev
  27. Nauysky - Aitolkin Toktagan
  28. Korogly - Asylbek Akhatov
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