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Speak My Mind

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Speak My Mind
Speak My Mind


Co-produced by Jair Willis and the group's cousin, Chris Wright, SPEAK My MIND showcases the vocals of Jair ("Is There More," "How Much Of Me Is You," "Level," "Give"), Jenny ("Pull You Down," "Speak My Mind,"), Jackson ("The Line," "Set Me Free"), Jasmine ("What Life's About, "Paper Dolls") and Jeanette ("I Choose Life"). Jenny is also the featured vocalist on the one song not written by the siblings: a gentle, wistful re-imagining of the Johnny Cash classic "Ring of Fire." Many of the Willises also share their chops on a variety of instruments. Jair plays most of the guitars, guitar-related instruments and the Uillean pipes. Jenny is the group's utility player, switching off from acoustic and electric guitars, the Irish bouzouki, the accordion and ukulele. Jeanette plays piano, synths and Irish whistle. Jedi plays bass, Jackson plays drums and Jasmine did some piano and synth parts. Though The Willis Clan hopes that the experiences they express in the songs on SPEAK MY MIND can enlighten, inspire and empower listeners who come along for the musical journey, the moments of painful and deep introspection (and the questioning why) are beautifully balanced by uplifting threads of hope that run through the songs.


  1. Name
  2. Speak My Mind
  3. What's Life About
  4. The Line
  5. Paper Dolls
  6. Is There More
  7. Set Me Free
  8. How Much of Me is You
  9. I Choose Life
  10. Level
  11. Pull You Down
  12. Give
  13. Ring of Fire
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