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Goat Of Mendes

Long Play Vinyl
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Goat Of Mendes
Goat Of Mendes


"For the uninitiated Akercocke are by far the most astonishingly evil sounding, Goat-Lord-worshipping extreme metal band the UK has ever produced" - Dom Lawson, Kerrang (UK) Akercocke hail from London UK, and were formed in early 1997 by friends David Gray and Jason Mendoca, who had both previously been in the underground Black Metal band, Salem Orchid. With an accomplished debut under their belts it wasn't long before they caught the attention of the metal press & ultimately Peaceville Records who released this, the band's second album of satanic death/black metal mixed with more experimental & twisted riffing, bringing to mind the complexities of bands such as Voivod taken to new brutal heights. 'The Goat of Mendes' was originally released in 2001 amid a strong buzz in the underground & mainstream metal media alike, with the band quickly rising to the top of the UK extreme metal mountain aided by their captivating and ferocious live appearances, including a string of dates with Sweden's Katatonia in support of the album. The band achieved further success on subsequent albums, with Akercocke's final release coming in 2007 before the band folded. David Gray went on to form the band Voices, as well as having stints with My Dying Bride.


  1. Name
  2. Of Menstrual Blood And Semen (06:26)
  3. A Skin For Dancing In (07:19)
  4. Betwixt Iniquitatis And Prostigiators (02:13)
  5. Horns Of Baphomet (07:06)
  6. Masks Of God (04:52)
  7. The Serpent (03:47)
  8. Fortune My Foe (01:16)
  9. Infernal Rites (04:30)
  10. He Is Risen (04:48)
  11. Breaking Silence (04:16)
  12. Initiation (01:11)
  13. Ceremony Of Nine Angles (08:53)
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