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Via Dolorosa

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Via Dolorosa
Via Dolorosa


DOUBLE VINYL EDITION OF OPHTHALAMIA'S DARK MASTERPIECE FROM 1995, 'VIA DOLOROSA', INCLUDING LINER NOTES FROM METALION & PRODUCER DAN SWANO Sweden's Ophthalamia was formed in 1989 by IT, mainly known for his dark band Abruptum, (which was signed to DSP, the label of ex-Mayhem guitarist Euronymous). Ophthalamia was a fantasy-world created by IT and the songs were connected to stories based around this fantasy-world. Though the band could be classified as black metal, there is much more to Ophthalamia, with varied metal influences & progressive passages, along with some strong atmospherics, helping to distinguish them from other acts. 'Via Dolorosa' also includes a cover of the Mayhem classic, 'Deathcrush'. The line-up on 'Via Dolorosa' featured IT (Tony Särkkä) then of Abruptum, with Legion, (ex-Marduk), on vocals. Also appearing on the album was Emil 'Nightmare Industries' Nodtveidt , currently with highly successful Swedish gothic industrial metallers Deathstars - & brother of Dissection's Jon Nodtveidt (who appeared on the Ophthalamia debut, 'A Journey In Darkness'). The band line-up is completed by Winter, drummer for Swedish death metallers Edge of Sanity. The album was recorded late 1994 at "The Ophthalamia Studios". It was produced by the band & engineered by Dan Swano (Katatonia/Opeth) & released in 1995. This vinyl edition of 'Via Dolorosa' contains new liner notes from producer Dan Swano & Slayer Magazine's Metalion, including their memories of Tony "IT" Särkkä, who recently passed away.


  1. Name
  2. Intro / Under Ohthalamia Skies / To The Benighted ( 02:27 )
  3. Black As Sin, Pale As Death / Autumn Whispers ( 07:33 )
  4. After A Releasing Death / Castle Of No Repair ( Part II ) ( 05:03 )
  5. Slowly Passing The Frostlands / A Winterland's Tear ( 09:28 )
  6. Via Dolorosa / My Springnight's Sacrifice ( 10:56 )
  7. Ophthalamia / The Eternal Walk ( Part III ) ( 11:15 )
  8. Nightfall Of Mother Earth / Summer Distress ( 10:50 )
  9. Outro / Message To Those After Me / Death Embrace Me ( Part II ) ( 02:13 )
  10. A Lonely Ceremony / The Eternal Walk ( 05:39 )
  11. Deathcrush ( 03:02 )
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