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Remastered from original source material under the watchful eye of one David Gedge, this re-issue sees the original Seamonsters album pressed on 180g vinyl with newly design sleeve and inner bag, that respectfully retain the heritage of the original design. The words 'classic album' is so often over used, but in this case, this really is the right phrase to excapsulate this great work of art. The Wedding Present occupy a curious position in the pantheon of British indie bands. The Leeds quartet's brand of thrash-jangle was too shambolic for some critics; Yet they were perennial John Peel favourites, had a dedicated fan-base and, in David Gedge, possessed one of the nation's most astute singer-songwriters. As a chronicler of lovelorn angst Gedge was without peer in the late '80s, his earlier songs essaying the frustrations and trivialities of doomed relationships. Their full-length debut George Best Plus (1987) may have been musically samey but packed a lifetime of wry and truthful lines and 1989's Bizarro refined the formula a little but it was still all about the fast-paced jangle and deft observations. The biggest indicator that Seamonsters was going to be different was the presence of uber-misanthrope Steve Albini as producer. The former Rapeman guitarist cares little for vocals, preferring to keep them low in the mix in favour of an enhanced rhythm section. Whilst Gedge's vocals were always low and mumbled anyway the focus on bass and drums added another dimension to the band's sound. Suddenly the chirpy, punky thrash had been replaced by huge swathes of feedbacking guitar and drums that sounded like they were bursting through the speakers. In short, the most quintessentially English of indie bands had gone grunge. But in its unflinching honesty and vulnerability, it superseded the slew of grunge albums coming out of Seattle at the time as well as laying foundations for emo and more inward-looking metal. Anyone who has just been through a particularly messy break up will find something on this album that is pertinent and empathetic - just be sure to hide any sharp objects before the needle hits the record.


  1. Name
  2. Dalliance
  3. Dare
  4. Suck
  5. Blonde
  6. Rotterdam
  7. Lovenest
  8. Corduroy
  9. Carolyn
  10. Heather
  11. Octopussy
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