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Rage In Eden (+Bonus 7 Iich)

Long Play Vinyl
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Rage In Eden (+Bonus 7 Iich)
Rage In Eden (+Bonus 7 Iich)


Pressed on 180g WHITE vinyl with heavyweight sleeve and inner bag, initial pressings feature a BONUS 7inch single with 'Work In Progress' mixes of 'The Thin Wall' and 'Stranger Within'. Originally released in 1981 Rage In Eden was co produced by Conny Plank in his studio in Cologne Germany. After the heady success of the Vienna album, the bands sound was progressing, a fuller, richer tapestry of synthesizers and piano with Billy Curries dynamic violin always a highlight. Interestingly all the tracks on the album are long, 'Stranger Within' being over 7 minutes and with no instrumentals on the album save for the sequed 'The Ascent' onto 'Accent OnYouth' the album is very much a piece of work in its entirety. The depth in the sound is impressive indeed and goes someway to retain its inherent freshness, even today. The album opens with the epic 'The Voice' one of Midge Ures most impressive vocal performances and sets the tone for the whole album and for all its length the album does have a very good momentum. The title track Rage In Eden takes its mood from the Vienna album and Side 1 closes with the Hemingway inspired 'I Remember (Death In The Afternoon)' a song not specifically about Marilyn Monroe particularly but more a atmospheric genralisation and sense of imagery of the time, hence the Hemingway title. The second side opens with the first single taken from the album 'The Thin Wall'. With a very different feel, almost the shade to the first sides light, 'Stranger Within' darkens the mood further, an intense and paranoid exploration of vulnerability. The final three tracks form a trilogy, a journey through those teenage years of angst as the lyric 'We stumble blindly chasing instant thrills and lasting memories' in Ascent On Youth pointedly makes, it's the soundbed to many a teenager. The album closes with the atmospheric Your Name (Has Slipped My Mind Again). Its barren simplicity and choral vocal seems a fitting finale to the album, quietly fading into the distance.


  1. Name
  2. The Voice
  3. We Stand Alone
  4. Rage in Eden
  5. I Rememeber (Death in the Afternoon)
  6. The Thin Wall
  7. Stranger Within
  8. Accent on Youth
  9. The Ascent
  10. Your Name (Has Slipped My Mind Again)
  11. The Thin Wall (Work in Progress Mix)
  12. Stranger Within (Work in Progress Mix)
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