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Monument - The Soundtrack (2LP)

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Monument - The Soundtrack (2LP)
Monument - The Soundtrack (2LP)


Pressed on 180g vinyl and expanded to a 9 track 2LP set for the very first time, initial copies are on Limited Edition WHITE vinyl. The discs now run at 45rpm to enhance the quality of the sound reproduction so the side breaks are also now different to the original 6 track pressings. Newly designed artwork includes photos from MIdge Ure's personal photo archive. Monument was originally released in 1983 as a 6 track mini album. Recorded at London's Hammersmith Odeon in December 1982, the album opens with the track Monument which infact is a studio recording, originally the B side to the Hymn single. This new 2LP 45rpm set opens with the atmospheric instrumental Monument and leads into the first of the live tracks 'Reap The Wild Wind', side 1 then closes with 'Visions In Blue'. Side 2 opens with one of the highlights of the show 'The Voice' this segue's into the classic 'Vienna'. With no audience noise edited out the album has that true live album feel, not the sterilized sound found on so many doctored live recordings. Disc 2 opens with 'Passing Strangers' always a live favourite and ends with 'Mine For Life'. Side 4 brings in 'Hymn' and the album closes with 'The Song (We Go)'. Ultravox for many stood for a period of time at the forefront of the electronic age. Kraftwerk may have been one the pioneers but they never made it into the mainstream like Ultravox did. Along with Gary Numan the band flew the banner for electronic music in the 80's. Live they took live performance into the theatre, with complicated stage sets, Monument being a point in case, the stage sets from the Quartet album provide a stunning architectural backdrop to the proceedings. After the simplicity of punk, the 80's provided a far more visual interpretation of the music, parallel to the songs almost, the age of video provided an additional facet to the material.


  1. Name
  2. Monument
  3. Reap the Wild Wind (Live)
  4. Visions in Blue (Live)
  5. The Voice (Live)
  6. Vienna (Live)
  7. Passing Strangers (Live)
  8. Mine for Life (Live)
  9. Hymn (Live)
  10. The Song (We Go) (Live)
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