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Happy Birthday 2LP

Long Play Vinyl
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Happy Birthday 2LP
Happy Birthday 2LP


Remastered and pressed on 180g vinyl this special Limited Edition 'Happy Birthday' double album for Record Store Day, the bands debut album features a bonus disc of seven extra tracks. ' Disc 1 features the original album remastered and disc 2 features the dance Mix of Happy Birthday' the alternate version of 'Leave Me Alone' from the Dead Popstars cassette single (remember those), a cover of Marc Bolans 'Jeepster', the Steve Severin produce 'Who Cares' and the flex disc versions of 'Real Toys' and 'Happy New Year'. Former schoolmates, the band were formed in the heady post punk scene, when would-be musicians inspired by the explosion of punk and the 'anyone can pick up a guitar and form a band' got together to start making music. This saw numerous bands come onto the scene, it was great time to be growing up and discovering the wonders of writing and performing, no matter what level you were at. That was the whole point of punk rock. After bass guitarist Johnny McElhone sent a demo tape to Siouxsie and the Banshees the band got a support slot the Banshees Kaliedoscope tour. Banshee Steve Severin was to produce much of the bands debut album. The name Altered Images referred to the sleeve design on the Buzzcocks singles notably 'Promises'. The sleeve artwork for much of the bands early releases was in this almost comic bookesque style, bold blocks of colours and graphics. Radio 1's John Peel was a huge fan, he was the barometer of taste at the time and to many youngsters growing up at the time, what John Peel played mattered. The list is endless of bands who's first play on National Radio was on the John Peel Show, he was that influential, his dry wit and charm was as much of his appeal as the music he played. His support for the band led to a recording deal with Epic. With Clare Grogan on vocals, Gerard McInutly and Tony McDaid on guitars, Michael Anderson on drums and John McElhone on bass guitar the band had little success with their first two singles 'Dead Pop Stars' and 'A Days Wait'. Much to do with timing as anything as 'Dead Pop Stars' as song sung from the point of view of a has-been pop star, the single was released shortly after John Lennon's death so gained little media attention. After the first two John Peel Sessions Gerard McInulty left the band and John McKinven joined and undeterred they recorded most of the album, produced by Steve Severin. Martin Rushent was brought in to produce the title track of the album 'Happy Birthday' due to be the next single. Rushent had worked with the Buzzcocks, Stranglers and Generation X and had just finished the Human League album Dare; which proved to catapult the Human League into the stratosphere, Dare becoming one of the, if not, the classic 80's album. 'Happy Birthday' was a huge hit charting No2 for three weeks in the UK charts in October 1981 and earned the band the NME 'Best New Group' and Smash Hits 'Best Newcomer Award' that year. Clare Grogan has appeared in numerous TV and films roles, most famously 'Gergory's Girl and the cult TV Series 'Red Dwarf' in a role she created for herself as Kristine Kochanski.


  1. Name
  2. Intro - Happy Birthday
  3. Love and Kisses
  4. Real Toys
  5. Idols
  6. Legionaire
  7. Faithless
  8. Beckoning Strings
  9. Happy Birthday
  10. Midnight
  11. A Days Wait
  12. Leave Me Alone
  13. Insects
  14. Outro - Happy Birthday
  15. Happy Birthday (Dance Mix)
  16. Jeepster
  17. Leave Me Alone
  18. Who Cares
  19. So We Go Whispering
  20. Real Toys (Flexi Version)
  21. Happy New Year (Flexi Version)
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