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Long Play Vinyl
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Gate Fold Vinyl
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Released as a Limited Edition double 180g disc pressing with disc 1 WHITE vinyl and disc 2 BLACK for Record Store Day. Riven seen on vinyl for the very first time and is considered by many as one of Nick most accomplished works. Originally released on CD back in 2013, Nick had had the pleasurable experience of recording stints with such highly acclaimed musicians as Lana Del Rey, Newton Faulkner and Steven Wilson, this brought about the Riven recordings. It's a typically eclectic mix of songs and styles, but with a light and a dark side, split down the middle by the title track. So, up front we have 6 minute songs like 'Juicy Fruit Girl' - a staccato paean to late 20th century popular culture with a witty look at things like Postman's Knock, along with 'Love Is Due' a rambling acoustic love story set around baggage in airports and beyond, to lighter tunes like 'Sunshine' inspired by the birth of Harper's son and that round shiny thing recently a feature in the sky in the UK. On the darker side Harper lurches into a visceral strident attack on Kelvin Mackenzie in 'Plague of Toads' and swings a cynical folky kick in the nuts to Nick Clegg in 'The Incredible Melting Man'. In essence it is the work of an artist given free reign to express himself outside the confines of the 'music business' devoid of compromise and led by artistic whims rather than commercial dictates, With Tchad Blake producing (Tom Waits, Peter Gabriel, Crowded House, etc.) and Jeremy Stacey on drums (Noel Gallagher, Waterboys, Sheryl Crow etc.) and guest appearances from Jon Leveller (Levellers); Jakko Jakszyk (King Crimson,Level 42) Lily Harper (Roy's grand-daughter), the legendary invisible Aussie rock singer Dave Graney and vocal arrangements by composer Ben Jones RIVEN has a rich, lush sound throughout, but never loses focus on Nick's trademark soaring vocals and blistering (mainly acoustic) guitar work.


  1. Name
  2. This Is the Beginning
  3. Juicy Fruit Girl
  4. Love Is Due
  5. Holiday on Earth
  6. Pop Fiction-Origins
  7. Sunshine
  8. There Never Was
  9. Riven
  10. Here Comes the Gun
  11. X By Your Name
  12. Reality Check
  13. The Incredible Melting Man
  14. Plague of Toads
  15. The Beginning Is Nigh
  16. Start Again
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