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For Everything

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For Everything
For Everything


After releasing a series of strong singles, the indie-folk quartet Maple & Rye from Gothenburg release their yearned for debut album 'For Everything'. Maple & Rye has always had a vision of keeping the music and the experience authentic, both for themselves and their fans.

Vocal harmonies and powerful melodies are interspersed with bombastic drums, danceable rhythms and grand choruses, parallel with a brittleness and inwardness that contrasts with the joy and dance. It is music that changes from playfulness to intimacy and emotion. Their musical inspiration is drawn from a broad palette from blues and funk to rock and folk-pop, although the main influences are the members' own emotional lives.

With their base in Gothenburg, Maple & Rye consists of Leo Lönnroth, Gustav Rybo-Molin, Milton Lönnroth and Henrik Bielsten. The artistic core is largely due to the fact that all the members of the group are composers, lyricists and vocalists - the band's two strong lead singers are backed in by the other members and great focus is placed on careful and sensitive storytelling.

Their debut EP 'Nothing Poetic' was released in 2017 and received with warmth from both audiences and critics. The EP included the single 'Hymns of Poseidon' which reached the top-10 on Spotify's Viral Sweden 50 list. Maple & Rye's long-awaited debut album 'For Everything' will be released via Icons Creating Evil Art.


  1. Name
  2. Monterey
  3. Rebel's Run
  4. Lorelei
  5. Leaving Now
  6. Pretoria
  7. Con of the Century
  8. Cannonball
  9. Eldorado
  10. For Everything
  11. Albion
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