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Subtle, elliptical and ambiguous, 'Suppose' is the debut full-length from London based duo Blue House via Whipped Cream Records (Loose Meat, Super Best Friends Club, Bas Jan.) The album presents us with a world of haunted pop -- songs about people just departed, places just left, and events just witnessed. It is a world in which an under-the-surface quotidian terror might make strange all sorts of objects: playstation games, postcards, grasshoppers, euphoniums all find their way on to the record. The band in earnest probably began with a drunken duet of Patsy Cline's 'Walking In The Moonlight', sang on top of a rickety table at a house party in 2015. Something of that country sensibility remains in songs like 'Ear To The Door', that has Ursula and James harmonise a song about domesticity and wandering, a theme that resurfaces throughout the record ('John the Unready / had a little baby girl last night / now he's halfway across the countryside / saying something's calling me.') 'Suppose' is rarely an obvious beast, the fragile balance of atmospherics and presence permeating the record with an understated and endearing numinousness throughout. Leaving no stone unturned, the duo wilfully explores the intricacies of pop, with an emphasis on deft poetics and quality songwriting. Whilst debut single 'Hot Air Balloons' brims with jangling 90's chords, its follow up 'Simple Song' is a delicate affair -- a 70's folk-revival lullaby, radiating with simplistic charm. The newly founded Whipped Cream's philosophy of unifying an emerging generation of English musicians with the means to remain independently-minded makes their label a fitting home for 'Suppose'.


  1. Name
  2. Found My Limit
  3. John The Unready
  4. Hot Air Balloons
  5. Museum Workers
  6. Ear To The Door
  7. Simple Song
  8. Albert Played The Euphonium
  9. January The Tenth
  10. Weatherman
  11. Lay Down
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