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Revolve & Rotate The Polyphon Chronicles

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Revolve & Rotate 
The Polyphon Chronicles
Revolve & Rotate 
The Polyphon Chronicles


With Seamie O'Dowd / Dennis Cahill / Junior Davey - 'The Mighty Box' is a collection of seventy-one tunes compiled from traditional Irish music archives, sessions and my own compositions. Since releasing my first solo album 'Tarantella' in 1994 I have made many different recordings but began to feel the need to make another record of my accordion playing after starting to explore the interesting possibilities of an A and B flat tuned keyboard. I have not changed any of the keys of the tunes on this record but instead, have enjoyed using a range of new fingering patterns thrown up by thinking a tone higher than normal to produce the old notes. I recorded the tunes with Junior Davey over two days at Doolittle recording studios Co Sligo in a playing marathon I am unlikely to repeat. As a result the playing is raw, spontaneous and full of life. I'm especially grateful to the contributions of Seamie O'Dowd and Dennis Cahill whose accompaniment and musicianship helped turn this feast of Irish accordion playing into a wonderful listening experience. Some of the faces may have changed over the years, but Rig the Jig has proven itself as a byword for wonderfully organic, talented and energetic performances of music and song. It is truly a rare breed. Not many bands have transcended the sum of their parts to become an entity with a life force of its own. Of course, the finest folk group can only exist with the finest ingredients. And in Rig the Jig, Irish and American folk songs find the captivating, story-telling voice of Michael Banahan, the lilting vocals and the passionate fiddle playing of Aoife Kelly and the beautifully ornate performances of Patricia Lane. There's a sprinkling of magic in Noel Carberry's ethereal whistle playing and in the haunting sounds of the Uilleann pipes. The sweet and jaunty melodies from Brendan Emmet's mandolin complement the pulsating rhythm of Anthony McDermott's guitars. All of that energy, coupled with Ian Kinsella's mastery of the banjo and guitar, the fluid, exciting style of Paul Gurney on bass guitar and keyboards, makes Rig the Jig a force to be reckoned with on the international music scene. Make no mistake; this band has earned its many accolades. Over the years its members have turned their attentions to a carefully chosen blend of rousing ballads, respecting tradition while embracing modernity in song and melody. It is truly a melting pot, bubbling over with eight unique expressions of talent. Through their music, Irish culture meets the dust roads and small town history of America's folk song tradition. And it's all harnessed together with Rig the Jig's inimitable, timeless style. It s the reason they have retained their earliest fans while welcoming thousands of entranced followers during their many sell-out tours of Ireland, Europe, the USA and Asia. If Irish folk music had a dictionary, this is one band that would certainly have entered the lexicon as a byword for flawless performances glittering with raw energy.


  1. Name
  2. South of the Grampians; Laurel's Reel ; The Siesta.
  3. Raogha an Ghabha; Jolly Tinker; Gan Ainm.
  4. Australian Waters; Langstrom's Pony; Gan Ainm.
  5. Gan Ainm; Carmel O'Mahoney Mulhaire; President Garfield's HP.
  6. The Jug of Punch; Eddie Kelly's; Black Pat's.
  7. Gan Ainm; Dooley Dooley Dank is it's Name; If I Had A Wife.
  8. Cailleach an Airgid; Return to Burton Road; The Cordal Jig.
  9. Little Johnie's Hame; Fisherman's Island; Dinkie Dorrian's; Gladstone's Reel.
  10. The Lone Bush; Gan Ainm; Hand Me Down the Tackle
  11. Good Morning Mr Magpie; The Crooked Priest; Dow's Wager.
  12. The Iron Man; The Swan; Milton.
  13. Anne Lacey; Bean a Ti ar Lar; Wes & Maggie's Ceili Croft.
  14. Gooseberry Bush; The Rainy Day; Spike Island Lasses.
  15. Larry's Favourite; Gan Ainm; Roddy McDonald's.
  16. First Day of Summer; McDonagh's Reel; Lucy Campbell.
  17. Gan Ainm; Patsy Geary's; The Doberman's Wallet.
  18. Paddy Fahy's; Gan Ainm; Never Was Piping So Gay.
  19. Brendan Ring's; Ronan Ryan's; Richard Dwyer's.
  20. Finnegan's Ascent of Dhaulagiri; The Big Dipper
  21. Gan Ainm; A Parcel of Land; The Bag of Money.
  22. Martin Wynne's #4; Andy McGann's; The Ivy Leaf.
  23. The Banks
  24. Mary Mac's; The Night Flight to Chile; History of the World in 100 Objects.
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