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9 Green Songs

Compact Disc (Audio)
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9 Green Songs
9 Green Songs


Chris T-T returns with 9 Green Songs, his long-awaited follow-up to 2013's The Bear and a pseudo-sequel to his classic 2005 album 9 Red Songs. 9 Green Songs captures the vulnerable fury that bore the grassroots, folk-influenced approach of 9 Red Songs (an album that still resonates 10 years later), adding a modern Twitter feed tick-list of ideas, charged by the energy of his recent work with the Hoodrats. If anything T-T is becoming lyrically more radical. 'Love Me, I'm a Liberal' brutally indicts clicktivist sensibilities and "me, me" sensitivity of hipsters on social media, displaying their colours and doing not much else. 'Cutting A Longbow' recalls the spoken word live favourite 'M1 Song', in sound if not in content. Even then, this vocal diatribe is driven by pummelling percussion, giving it a rare menace. This contrasts wonderfully with 'A Garden On The Motorway'; an upbeat fairytale of green-fingered warfare on concrete commuting. But whether he's looking inward at his own faults or loudly gesturing at how we can all do better with less, T-T has put melodies to his disappointment, textures to our hypocrisy and, perhaps, a little hope in his hurt. After two excellent, tonally different albums - the treatise on the heart and gorgeous wordplay of Love Is Not Rescue and the full-tilt tumultuous 90s alt-rock instrumentation with the Hoodrats, of The Bear - with 9 Green Songs we finally get more of what brought a lot of people to his music in the first place: Chris T-T stands up to shout loudly again, looks outwards, like a warm, terrible, friendly menace, who sees both dystopia and redemption on the horizon. "The genius of Chris T-T's songwriting is his ability to humanise even the most outlandish conceits, until they seem instead like brilliant ideas nobody else would've come up with" - The Guardian "Chris T-T is a man that we can trust with our lives. If he was standing for Mayor of London, I'd vote for him" - Steve Lamacq For fans of: Beans On Toast, Frank Turner, Billy Bragg, Ben Marwood.


  1. Name
  2. #WorstGovernmentEver
  3. Love Me I'm A Liberal
  4. Hallucinating
  5. Cutting A Longbow
  6. A Hard Rain
  7. This Is What Drowning Is Like
  8. A Garden On The Motorway
  9. Anyone's Song
  10. Admit Nothing
  11. The Border Crossing
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