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Yiddish-American Klezmer Music - 1925-1956

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Yiddish-American Klezmer Music - 1925-1956
Yiddish-American Klezmer Music - 1925-1956


Occasionally a generation will produce a musician, who, having mastered the preceding musical tradition,will adapt it for himself and in the process transform it for his and future generations. On par with these muscial pioneers in the Yiddish world was klezmer clarinetist Dave Tarras. Composer, musician, teacher, orchestra leader, Tarras fulfilled all these roles and more. His individual performance style transcended his own playing and came to epitomize the genre as a whole. His ensembles had a distinctive sound andfeel regardless of what sidemen were passing through the band at the time. His compositions were stylisticaly unique and helped to transform and update the old repertoire and establish a new musical language.


  1. Name
  2. Unzer Toirele - Dave Tarras/Abe Schwartz Orchestra
  3. Yiddisher March - Dave Tarras/Joseph Cherniavsky's Yiddish-American Jazz Band
  4. Good Luck - Dave Tarras/Lou Lockett's Orchestra
  5. Polka 'Strelotchek' - Dave Tarras/Russkyj Orkestr 'Moskva'
  6. Chasidic In America - Dave Tarras/Moishe Oysher/Florence Weiss
  7. A Yid Bin Ich Geboiren - Dave Tarras/Michl Michalesco
  8. Dem Monastrichter Rebin's Chosid'l - Dave Tarras/Abe Schwartz Orchestra
  9. Hopkele - Dave Tarras/Seymour Rechtzeit
  10. Bridegroom Special - Dave Tarras/Yiddish Swing Orchestra
  11. Die Goldene Chasene - Dave Tarras/Abe Ellstein Orchestra
  12. Pas D'Espan - Dave Tarras/Russkyj Orkestr 'Moskva'
  13. Mazel In Liebe - Dave Tarras/Alexander Olshanetsky Orchestra
  14. A Vaibele A Tsnien - Dave Tarras/The Bagelman Sisters
  15. Zum Gali Gali - Dave Tarras/Yiddish Swingtette
  16. Die Reize Nuch Amerika - Dave Tarras/Abe Schwartz Orchestra
  17. Branas Hassene - Dave Tarras Trio
  18. Kinos, Tkios Un Ashrei - Dave Tarras/Boibriker Kapelle
  19. What Can You Mach? S'is America - Dave Tarras/Aaron Lebedeff
  20. Oriental Hora - Dave Tarras/Yiddish Swingtette
  21. Second Avenue Square Dance - Dave Tarras/Abe Ellstein Orchestra
  22. Freilachs - Dave Tarras/Lou Lockett's Orchestra
  23. Dayeynu - Dave Tarras/Yiddish Swingtette
  24. Rumanian Fantasy - Dave Tarras/Tantz Orchestra
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