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Crescent Moon Waning

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Crescent Moon Waning
Crescent Moon Waning


A renowned composer, bandleader, visionary producer, and creative instigator, Kip Hanrahan has long been known for intensely passionate music that is both tender and hard-driving, with a deep poetic edge. 'Crescent Moon Waning' is the first Kip Hanrahan album since his 2011 release 'At Home in Anger'. Fans of forward-thinking, outernational music will no doubt be thrilled to hear that Hanrahan is back!

The cast of musicians includes such luminaries as vocalist/bassist Jack Bruce, tenor saxophonists Chico Freeman, JD Allen and Craig Handy, bassists Steve Swallow and Andy González, plus many others.

Kip Hanrahan has experienced a lot. He was an assistant with Nouvelle Vague director Jean-Luc Godard, the video artist Nam June Paik and the innovative composer Carla Bley, made from the early eighties wonderful records like "Coup de Tete", "Desire Develops An Edge" and "Exotica "for which he formed fantastic, exciting all-star bands with Jack Bruce, Milton Cardona, Charles Neville, Henry Threadgill, David Murray, Arto Lindsay, Billy Bang, Taj Mahal, Astor Piazzolla and even Sting.

Today Kip Hanrahan moves between Rio de Janeiro and Reston, Virginia, swinging cross boundaries acts as a catalyst again, less as a jazz musician in the usual sense. On his 14th album percussionist and producer, poet and visionary Kip Hanrahan compensates his vivid anger about oppression and exclusion: "Crescent Moon Waning" - a fascination with excitement, relaxation, warmth and magic.

"There is nothing quite like Mr. Hanrahan's music a steamy blend of rhythmic and melodic tensions, drawn from musicians of different traditions (Latin, jazz, rock), yet with something very much his own." - Jason Weiss, The New York Times

"The music of Hanrahan, and of the American Clavé label which he runs, is rich beyond compare." - Phil Johnson, The Independent


  1. Name
  2. She Can Measure The History Of Dreams
  3. Lucia's Young Night
  4. Dancing With Sweetness, Tonight
  5. Perfect Math, In A Model Bronx Childhood
  6. Our Reflection In The Turbulent Heat (It's Really You...)
  7. Silvana Laughs At The Film Noir Shadows (For Silvana DeLuigi)
  8. Andy Laughs At One Of The Few Golden Veins In Our Bronx Childhood (For Andy Gonzalez)
  9. We Were Not Alone (Fernando Looks For Closure - But There's Never Any...)(For Lou And Jack)
  10. Name Us Light
  11. Sometimes I Can Go For Nights, Forgetting
  12. She And He Describe The Exact Same Intimate Moment
  13. A Naked Woman, Comfortable (1- Giacomo And Kip, With The Clarity Of Lucy, Explain The Recording Techniques Of The Rekid)
  14. A More Naked Man, Frightened (2 - Giacomo And Kip, With The Clarity Of Lucy, Explain The Recording Techniques Of The Rekid)
  15. The Dusk Coming To A Moving Rest (3- Giacomo And Kip, With The Clarity Of Lucy, Explain The Recording Techniques Of The Rekid)
  16. Somewhere In The Deepest Blue, There's A Woman Who Knows... (Grayson's Grasp Of The Light Of The Dreamless Moon, And Sings It Through The Next Take Of She Can Measure The History Of Dreams ) A.K.A. Alternate Understanding / Take Of She Can Measure The Hi
  17. The Heat Changed The Colors Of My Eyes
  18. The Night Finding It's Form
  19. Some Scottish Lullaby
  20. In Olinda, She Calmly Explained The Use Of The Reflexive....
  21. All Us Working Class Boys
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