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Live On Planet Berlin

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Live On Planet Berlin
Live On Planet Berlin


After having tried all the possible earthly pleasures on their ongoing world tour (2001-2021) the band decides to expand their territory in the vastness of space.

There might a be A Chance on Venus. There are rumours that jazz-rock is more popular out there. These news are of course false since it is impossible to survive on the surface of Venus even as a not-musician. Just before melting they are saved by saying "Beam me up, Scotty". The Star Fleet is happy to help the musicians and get a rare cd as present. The band decides to move on with their solar Volvo V 70XX. On their concert journey they pass the the ominous Stork Nebula and its dangerous unrhythmic radiation. They meet the peaceful folks on the Planet 5 who have decided to solve their differences by dancing together a complex collective dance in 5/4 Rhythm. There they are told that the Big Bang was caused by 4-dimensional Star Exploding in a parallel universe. Broke as they usually are they try their luck in gas business but The Dealers of Intergalactic Gas fear that Imperial control over the galaxy would be lost forever if Klima gets more powerful. The clone robots who used to be Hunting Red Giants target now the band and it flees in the direction of the galactic black hole and survives the Silicon Rain of diamonds on a hot Jupiter by extended noise improvisation. They are rehabilitated as they reach galactic radio hit with their groovy piece Dance of Gravitation Waves. They miss their Flight from Sirius A to Tegel C and keep on traveling through the space. More to come..


  1. Name
  2. Flight Fron Sirius A To Tegel C
  3. Planet 5
  4. Chance On Venus
  5. 4-dimensional Star Exploding
  6. Silicon Rain
  7. Hunting Red Giants
  8. Stork
  9. Dance Of Gravitation Waves
  10. Big Bang
  11. Dealers Of Intergalactic Gas
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