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Deproduction - Live

Compact Disc (Audio)
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Brilliant Case (Jewel Case size, Holds 2 CDs)
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Deproduction - Live
Deproduction - Live


Double CD in Archival Pouch With Phonograph Style Anti-Static Inner Sleeves Double-Sided Insert Card (100mm X 100mm) Double-Sided 4x4 Panel Newsprint Poster (472mm X 472mm) Zeitkratzer With Terre Thaemlitz Performing Live Renditions Of Terre Thaemlitz Deproduction At Haus Der Berliner Festspiele March 19, 2018. Founded by Reinhold Freidl, Zeitkratzer is an eleven-piece ensemble using acoustic instruments to reinterpret music made by electronics. Thaemlitz is a controversial figure no doubt, his music often subversive in its genre-specific designations, working within but pushing against the membranes of ill-defined categorical rubrics such as "ambient", "house" and "techno." His experiments in highly stylized "academic" computer music, worthy successors in their own right to the mantles occupied by Cage, Xenakis, Stockhausen and their ilk, are nevertheless diametric opposites (even apposite) to the rust(y)belt avant-garde traditions that those aforementioned artists sought as well to distance themselves from. In Deproduction, Terre Thaemlitz investigates the awkward, uncomfortable and hypocritical power dynamics behind Western Humanist notions of family, and how they function internationally through processes of globalization. Disc 1 Names Have Been Changed Disc 2 Admit It's Killing You (And Leave)
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