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Ghetto Kumbe

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Ghetto Kumbe
Ghetto Kumbe


Raised on Colombias Caribbean coast and united by its capital, Bogota, Ghetto Kumbé combine the rich musical heritage of their home, to invoke the spirit of digital rumba in audiences all over the world. The secret behind their irresistible electronic sound lies in their powerful percussion base; Caribbean house beats and traditional afro-Colombian rhythms inherited from West Africa. The albums co-producer, The Busy Twist, adds all the legacy of the UKs Bass scene to the Afrofuturistic sounds of the 3 Colombians. Inspired by the different revolutionary movements emerging all over the world, their self-titled debut is visceral, committed, and rebellious, denouncing through frantic rhythms the inequalities and abuses imposed by corrupt governments, while simultaneously enticing listeners to join in the fight. Dance mingles with awareness to create a global community, where family, friends, and strangers come together through our shared love of music and activate change amongst themselves. Using musical motifs from Africa and Colombias Caribbean coast such as the gaita, call-and-response vocals, and an array of hand drums and rhythms, coupled with the elegant electronic production of Techno and House, Ghetto Kumbé creates an Afro-futurist soundscape with lyrics to motivate, elevate, and inspire. This has not gone unnoticed and theyve played Barranquillas world-famous Carnival, Boiler Room, and have even opened for Radiohead.


  1. Name
  2. Intro
  3. Sola
  4. Vamo A Dale Duro
  5. Djabe
  6. Interludio
  7. Pila Pila
  8. Cara A Cara
  9. Tambó
  10. Esta Pillao
  11. Pide Mas
  12. Lengua Ri Suto
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